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Last Activity:
Jul 9, 2019
Mar 27, 2012


Code and Design, from Estonia

Xonok was last seen:
Jul 9, 2019
    1. Dat-C3
    2. Razosh
      lowe257 is my username.
    3. Razosh
      I'm looking forward to seeing you as an esteemed author. ^^
    4. Razosh
      Sorry that it took a bit for me to respond I wanted to make sure I had thoroughly read all the stories more than once to make sure I got the sense I didn't miss anything. I love the way you write, it is a writing style that would work well in a professional novel. It is difficult though to give feedback to your story writing as the stories are a bit to short to base any real critique on. But I definitely think you should invest time in writing something longer as I did enjoy reading your work.
    5. Razosh
      Great, I'll look into it when we're back in Sweden, thank you and thanks to your grandmother for the pleasant stay.
    6. Razosh
      Fantastic, I'll see you soon.
    7. Razosh
      I just arrived at my hotel in Talinn, incidentally we live right next to the Swedish embassy in the old town. How about we meet in the town square, you give me what time and possibly your number and I can call you.
    8. Razosh
      I'll be arriving on Monday and I'll stay in Talinn for 3 days then I'll travel to Ösel (the island) I have a cell phone with the number 0705-816317
    9. Wietlol
      Ninja Wietlol I must say that I didnt notice that, until Flux (or someone else) asked me if that was my name before.
    10. Razosh
      25th this month.
    11. Razosh
      I should look into purchasing a new graphics card in Estonia then.
    12. Razosh
      How come everything seems to be so cheap in Estonia?
    13. MasterHaosis
      Xonok, :cgrin:
      I saw you in chat, I was afk
    14. Razosh
      But here's a question for you, do you consider yourself to be Nordic, I've never been able to get a straight answer on this question when it comes to Estonia? It would certainly make sense since you have such a long history with Sweden and Denmark, plus you're so closely connected to Finland. (Or maybe you carry the Soviet banner?)

      Btw, how's the same-sex marriage struggle going over there, in 2010 it was legalized by both state and the public church of Sweden, in the parliament only 22/349 voted no and in the church 1/3. Denmarks public church on the other hand voted no on allowing same-sex marriage and to not be seen as less progressive than Sweden Denmark's parliament passed a bill that enforced the church to do as they said if they wanted to continue to operate in the country. ^^
    15. Razosh
      Yeah, Russia is an ass as any Swede learns in history class. It feels nice to be branded as the good guy of history, if only Finland thought that way of us. There was quite a large movement to convert to the euro a few years ago since "the euro is the most stable currency in the world" luckily though we still have our crown. But when being compared to the Russian Tsar that's not much of an achievement.

      I'm from Bohuslän, a province in south-west Sweden it's one of the provinces we stole from Norway.
    16. Razosh
      In fact I was kind of hoping you lived in one of those places though I was afraid you lived in Narva or something.
    17. Razosh
      That'd be fun, a question though, why did you guys stop using EEK (the Estonian crown)? It was really fun to hear that you guys used to have kroon as your currency considering that Sweden uses the Swedish krona and Denmark and Norway have their individual krone. Perhaps you guys have a tighter history with Sweden than I realized, after we did kind of come in and take all of your land. (Sorry for that one.) At least you fared better than the Livonians.
    18. Razosh
      Might need to clarify, Ösel is the Scandinavian name for the large island in the western part of your nation.
    19. Razosh
      Hello, I wanted to ask you something, in one months time I'm going to visit Talinn and Ösel, got any recommendations?
    20. SpasMaster
      Deleting abilities within the Object Editor causes it to crash. This has been reported in the past (1, 2, and more) so I guess it isn't just me. The issue seems to appear when you have a lot of data. While this issue is annoying, there is a way around it. When I want to delete abilities in the editor, I export the ability object editor data, I import it in another map and delete them there.

      I guess, I'll have to explain everything now.. Oh well..

      -First of all, I assume you are contacting me because of the recent 2.1.1 Preview thread where I mentioned I will delete heroes. If that is the case then let me explain a couple of things:
      *To begin with, players have been reporting some crashes when the came reaches its late stages due to the high amount of actions and triggers being run. The way, the new skill system will function, it will add atleast 3-4 new skills to each hero. Currently I have 27 of them which will add ~70 additional abilities in the game. More triggers, more ability data, etc. I don't want that at all. Not to mention the delays of trigger editor when you have to select abilities from a list and it takes several seconds to load the list.
      *On the other hand, (and more importantly) even if I had 0 issues with World Editor, the theme of certain heroes simply does not support that many abilities. Some heroes have a rich theme with tons of possibilities, others are rather limited. For example, why should I think for more arcane themed abilities for the Spell Thief when I can just merge him with the Mage who uses the same theme? I'd rather have less heroes with multiple options for a single theme than a bunch of heroes where you see things as:
      Ice Lancer Ability: Casts a frost AoE damage spell.
      Shadow Hunter: Casts a poison AoE damage spell.
      It's boring. If I have the "AoE damage spell" on one hero as his unique feature, then it becomes much more interesting. I can go on for hours explaining my design goals, but I'd rather just have players have faith in what I am doing. This hunger for a million heroes is just pointless. Again: even if I had 0 issue with World Editor, I'd still remove some heroes to avoid certain design issues.
      -Second of all - yes I do want to shrink down unnecessary stuff. Abilities, Triggers. I wanna lift some weight off the map's shoulders.

      So yeah, don't assume I am removing heroes simply because of editor limitations. I don't want a million abilities and triggers in my map. They unavoidably start to repeat themselves, the more heroes you get.
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    Programming, Terraining, Roleplay and Strategy


    It's rarely the question of "Is it possible". Rather it's always about "How?"
    What I do I don't do to please you. I have my own feel of justice and it's all I follow.
    The only things that seem pointless are the ones you don't understand. [​IMG]
    Gratitude is teaching to others what you have been taught.
    How to reduce loading times
    The theory behind spellbooks
    Soul of a story - The art of lore
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