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Last Activity:
Jan 31, 2020
Mar 27, 2012


Code and Design, from Estonia

Xonok was last seen:
Jan 31, 2020
    1. Daffa
      Yes, I try to be a better person :)
    2. Luorax
      Because, my biggest maps can take up to like 20 seconds to save, which is absolute bullshit if I just want to fix a typo in code.
      Dude, I call you lucky :'D IID takes ~30 seconds (if not more) to save, and I have to run the optimizer on it, because it'd take an eternity to load in otherwise. I've already made a few batch files, and TC helps me a lot, but still, it's soo damn annoying.

      Another thing I've been doing is deleting all the doodads and the hero / shop abilities, and saving it as a separate map. I then work on it, and CnP all the stuff back to the original map once I'm done. This is helpful if I work on something that needs a lot of saving/testing, like the ModeCrafter, the latest big project I've been working on.
    3. Daffa
      Oh yeah, mate, use View Conversation on my VM instead, I can't see your answer before I open your profile D:

      Well, if that's what you meant, I WAS that kind of person back then, but when I found out its immoral, I decide to credit people who talk about it first [usually put the name of the person who said it first in my post].
    4. Xonok
      Yes, but you used to be much worse.
      Also, by attitude I mean something like repeating what others said and then taking credit as if you said it first. However, I've not seen this happen anymore. This is why I take it that you've changed radically.
    5. Daffa
      Well, My Grammar isn't excellent but people said that I'm pretty fluent, well, I'm not that fluent, I can't even remember what soak means correctly :xxd:

      But My Attitude is another thing, I'm usually a calm person [to be honest], unless provoked by a person in a topic too much [which sometimes can go rage, but that's rare, the usual is that I post without real meaning or just want to answer him. To avoid this, I usually go to send them VM and PM instead.], I will try to keep myself in a calm state and behave properly :wink:

      Anyway, thanks for the compliment, but I'm not that good at both grammar and attitude :wink:
    6. envenger
      Hey are you free? Can you check my test map if it is lagging(has leaks) or not?
    7. envenger
      None of that worked in hiding a spellbook. Now my best option is to store what spell the unit had used last and use that spellbook he had opened.
    8. envenger
      Opening a spellbook doesn't count as an ability cast? Detecting if a spellbook is open is not a problem. Problem is knowing which spell book is open.
    9. envenger
      Is there a way to know which spell book a unit has opened or is it opened or not?
    10. Xonok
      I understand that, but your way seems more elegant. I guess I can just talk about both ways in the tutorial.
    11. envenger
      Note. Your way of closing spell book works.. But it is not instant.

      Like you cannot un-select and reselect and order to open another spell book with the press key.
    12. Xonok
      Alright, added your way into the list of bugs/features and specifically noted, that it can be used to close spellbooks.

      You might be able to change the cancel button in one of the files at war3local.mpq
      If you find the right file, then extract and modify it however you want, then you can put it in the map on the same path that it was in the mpq.
      There's 2 possible reasons why this won't work:
      1. There is no such file(I wouldn't want to believe that)
      2. This file can not be overwritten.
    13. envenger
      Rather than closing the spellbooks this way, use the bug when a spellbook closes when another spell book of the same base order id.

      The selection takes some delay like 0.3 to 0.4 seconds. Like If you use
      Selection - Clear selection for Player 1 (Red)
      Selection - Select (Triggering unit) for Player 1 (Red)
      Game - Force Player 1 (Red) to press the key A

      It won't work. You need to add a wait after selecting the unit.(At-least in my case)

      But when you remove and add a spell to the spell book, the spell book instantly closes.

      I don't mind cancel button changing everywhere. The reason I want to change is that in my system, there is already an use fore the escape button. So here my escape button also closes the spellbook.
    14. envenger
    15. envenger
      I got no idea how that system works.. Can you some way edit it so that.. If I enter a new attack speed, it would remove all previous bonuses of attackspeed in that unit and replace it with the new attack speed?

      Like first I give attack speed 100
      It would check if it got any previous bonus, If it has remove it then put the new attackspeed.

      If I put it 20 then It would remove all bonus and again put bonus of 20

      A built in mechanism is I guess needed.
    16. envenger
      The function is in Stats - Global stats

      Its just to make sure no previous bonus are affecting... Not really needed there though.

      If i give same bonus like first 40 then another 40, they don't add up.
    17. envenger
    18. envenger
      Hey the bonus mod system you gave me is kind of showing me errors.

      eg. If I put the attack speed as
      128 attack speed the time between the attacks are 1.14 second
      but if i put it as 127 attack speed, the time between attacks are 1.34 second..

      I am providing you my map.. Can you check it? The item spells are in the right order I checked still you can recheck. I was making a spell then I saw the values are really messed up. I tried everything but I couldn't make it work.

      ////// testmap

      To test the map press dh in chat and a hero will spawn.. It has a spell called blade dance. When you first use it it gives 127 bonus attack speed. Second time you use it, it gives you 128 attack speed extra one. You will see the time between the attacks change too much for just 1 attack speed.

      To check the bonus speeds, there is a Abomination in the center of the map. It will show you the time between attacks. Help is possible
    19. Chaosy
      yes, that would work too. But meh, I just missclicked post
    20. Chaosy
      I wrote it, in another post since I was in need of multi quote. But yes I deleted it 4 seconds later
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    It's rarely the question of "Is it possible". Rather it's always about "How?"
    What I do I don't do to please you. I have my own feel of justice and it's all I follow.
    The only things that seem pointless are the ones you don't understand. [​IMG]
    Gratitude is teaching to others what you have been taught.
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