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Last Activity:
Jan 31, 2020
Mar 27, 2012


Code and Design, from Estonia

Xonok was last seen:
Jan 31, 2020
    1. chobibo
      Cool! I look forward to our future emotional conversations then :D
    2. chobibo
      Hey! lol I hope your not mad at me, peace.
    3. chobibo
      Hi fellow member. Salutations from a fellow jasser.
      Sorry you see the MMS from hidden tags' name. Actually it is SS Loop.
      What do you mean by "*MMS Execution refers to a trigger that doesn't appear to exist(gg_trg_SS_Loop)" ??
      Hello Xonok,

      Can you review my spell ?? Massive Mirror Slash [ GUI ]
      If you don't have time then it's okay ^^.
    7. envenger
    8. Licheus
      Yes indeed, having a broader approach like that. Taking into account several parameters so to speak.
    9. Licheus
      Yeah that's the thing, right? - focusing on what works in a relative and reasonable sense is often much more meaningful than focusing on what's perfect in the sense of absolute conventions and tecnical perfection. But the latter is easier because it can be thought of and described in strict terms - it's easy to say that a piece of code would be faster if this and that optimization would be made. What's harder (and often more useful and meaningful to pay attention to) is the more "human" aspect of any piece of work (which I cannot easily describe in words because it's relative and requires unique approaches depending on the specific situation, right?).

      But, like, it's not useless to focus on technical details, right? In many ways it's great that the knowledge is there, but it cannot be a force to rule over every other aspect. When it's trivial for the overall concept to remove a leak for instance, then it's useless (and potentially damaging) if everybody are focusing on just that simply because it's easy to address.

      So, yeah... This whole post risks being overly-pretentious but I think you can handle it.
    10. Bernkastel
      Everyone is free to join it. Even retarded people.
    11. Amargaard
      Awzum, hope you'll like it :)
    12. Amargaard
      Thanks, added it to the page.

      Anyways, roleplaying might take time, but in my opinion it's time well spent. Anyways, if you find some sparetime and don't know what to use it on, I'd suggest you take a quick look at the Kaelicious-social group, which is a place for roleplaying, cozy small-talk, reputation-rewarding contests with themes including terraining, writing, drawing and others. It'd definitely be worth your time, and who knows - maybe you'd like the place? :)
    13. Amargaard
      Wow, awzum, I'll be sure to implement that as soon as possible - but right now I'm planning to head for bed in a few minutes. Anyways, you should check out the result so far. If you want to edit further, I suggest you make a wikia account too ^^
      Anyways, noticed you like terraining and roleplaying, is that true? Because then I might know some places just for you :)

      EDIT: Okay, answered back a few questions.
      *You worked at summer, yeah, but what do you do now?
      *Can you link the spellbook tutorial please?
      *I'm not going to read through your blog, but it doesn't matter anyway, the personality-part of the page is pretty good already now :)
    14. Amargaard
      So, page's done, and I completed a list of questions for you, so that we might optimize it even more. You can of course choose not to answer them, if you find them too personal/private/whatever, but I'd surely appreciate at least a single answer :)
      *Do you have any nicknames on the Hive?
      *What are your occupation? Are you studying? Or do you have a job? And in that case, what are you working with?
      *Male or female?
      *What city are you living in?
      *Your birthdate?
      *Which areas of the Hive do you most often appear in?
      *What differs you from other members? What are you known for?
      *How would you describe your own personality? And do you have any political opinions that you want to share?
      *Do you have any goals that you want to achieve on the Hive? With the Hive?
      (Personally, I strive to keep the roleplaying alive here)
      *Have you created any notable resources/threads/whatever on the Hive?
      *Have you done anything weird in here? Something that only few, or none, have done before?
    15. Amargaard
      That's fine - let me make my edit first, and inspiration might come to you. However, I have a few questions that I'd like to ask you, in order to make the page as informative, detailed and correct as possible, but I'll write that list of questions as I make the edit so I'll send it to you afterwards :)
    16. Amargaard
      Yo Xonok, I'll add the basic layout to your page, if you won't mind :)
    17. Alagremm
      I never knew you existed. Hi.
    18. JAKEZINC
    19. deathismyfriend
      Ok thanks bud. Whenever you feel like it. There are quite a few of them i have pending atm.
    20. deathismyfriend
      Hey bud can you check out some of my pending systems and tell me what you think ?
      If you can't it's ok. Thanks.
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  • About

    Current Project:
    Top secret
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Cult of the Damned
    StarCraft II Account:
    Don't have it.
    Programming, Terraining, Roleplay and Strategy


    It's rarely the question of "Is it possible". Rather it's always about "How?"
    What I do I don't do to please you. I have my own feel of justice and it's all I follow.
    The only things that seem pointless are the ones you don't understand. [​IMG]
    Gratitude is teaching to others what you have been taught.
    How to reduce loading times
    The theory behind spellbooks
    Soul of a story - The art of lore
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