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  • my pleasure :)
    looking forward to the update.
    its not a map its a tool a program.im going to make an app which will be SUPER lazy friendly (if i can haha) with ability to click buttons with mouse move and ability to move all wc3 maps to maps folder.review templates.description template.or maybe custom movie installer and package creator!
    its a good idea,i like it.chaotic game = good (keeps user entertained)
    i don't mean PRO events even simple events are events.
    make a trigger which occurs when time is for example 10 ( i mean like some troops come to the base's health or bugs swarm in.
    and a thing i forgot to say,you should stop the user from attacking the gates.i wouldn't like a troll destroying the gates and making bugs swarm in.
    Yes its easy to make a hero chooser on it just command the ai to move the target hero or remove the ai humans and spawn hero at center (this way its leakless and ofc easier :))
    Edit:more details:
    if you remove humans and spawn hero at center you can simply find the ai hero by using Aivar = last created unit
    hmmmm in my opinion its long,but if you add more "things" to the gameplay it wouldn't be long,i mean more ability to the players...for ex.upgrade to new class when max level. (giving goal to player is the best way to keep players on playing,runescape is a damn example many people wasted their life on ... well im glad i quit it :/ ) for a long gameplay you must keep the game entertaining like "Events" happen at spefic time. (Thats a great way also).more waves...more items ofc!!! (Like nuke,that would be epiccc!!! ._.) and another way is : "Save/Load System!" Yup just like i said Save/Load System. that is another way and one of the best ways to keep the game replayable.like the user wants to reach level 200 and call others n00b (well thats true lol,add some spefic abilities that higher levels can use and lowers cannot if you do so thats a great way to keep users motivated)
    Glad you liked it :)
    About the comments,yeah i know lol.as said i would get bored so i typed those to keep me more motivated :p
    i hope i can finish the project is a damn load of coding.... (programming ofc not jass or gui i hate that xD)
    your welcome :)
    if you found any bugs/leaks just tell me.
    tho all the triggers are anti glitched.
    i will start my big project :D
    i have finished the system.you can modify it to your needs (like:change camera to hero after he chose it,display a message,or anything you like)
    i have fixed the mine name but it shows static trap for timer (i think its in gmae settings at advanced)
    also fixed fire bat's divine shield bug.it took hours to make the system i almost died lol. (I hate clicking...) i have changed the goblin merchant's model to the other one (annoying in modern map),you have to base the ai on new system and remove the tavern the best way (i didn't remove it so it doesn't conflict with your codes :) ) and change the doodads to more future like models (since im not a map maker.more like a coder (i hate GUI because i hate mouse clicks) ) i will give you future bed model link and links for future doodads model if i could :D
    thanks.after i finished the map i might start coding my [rainbow]BIG ONE[/rainbow] ^^
    well i will go to sleep now,i have to wake early.
    once i fully finished the engineer i can copy paste most of the codes because 75% is containing user's variables used for anti-glitch and the human.i will need to make an epic colorful and detailed hero class information comment.
    and here's screenshot of the room if your wondering.

    the thing you would probably say after viewing the screenshot: WTF is that thing on his..coat?
    Neither do i know ._.
    but i guess that it wouldn't be visible when not looking from back but from top (i hope lol)
    Edit:i will edit this post for my progress...
    Edit2:System finished :)
    but remember that 100% after i made the hero selection system the AI will break at auto hero choose part.you must do the same way just make the hero appear at bedroom instead of commanding him to choose a hero,or make the ai move to the hero and choose,the ai is your part... i will only make the system and fix some bugs.
    ill make the hero choosing room next to bedroom and when the hero chooser gets close to hero he will disappear and hero appears in bedroom.simple but too much clicks.GUI... :p
    and make a guy named trainer in the hero choosing room.so? :D
    it may take hours so i will surely get bored :p
    i will also fix statis trap and divine thing and ofc change that goblin merchant haha.also doodads if i find good ones :D
    Here:Soul System
    i disabled the function of remove unit from game so you can test and see that after you selected a hero you can't pick any hero again which makes it leakless and not let players glitch to have 2 heroes...
    to make script for other heroes just copy the folder and edit the units. :D
    as said below i can build it for you if you want if kinda don't understand/don't have enough time to do so if you want to build it yourself let me add some comments to the triggers so you know how to use it and build other heroes and give it ability to be able to used for X Players.this one is only for 4 players and works for one hero.its like a base script.
    no problem.the system uses triggering player.and i think it should detect the one who clicks it ( i hope ) but i can create a soul room i guess.i can create the triggers and make the room in a sample map and after that you can change it,but if its hard for you or if you don't have time i can build it on unprotected map.but let me build on normal first and make sure it works :D
    i made it using triggering player condition to find the clicking player.so its not just for one player.i tested it in single player and it works fine.
    i don't know about multiplayer.
    here is the link:
    Dialog system
    Took 2 hours or more,thats why i hate GUI -.-
    mhmk i understand anyways Here is the list of things you need to fix (mostly just renames :D)

    1.Change the Goblin Merchant's Model (Major) (just change it to the other shop's if you don't have much time)
    2.Change the doodads model to modern one (i can search and give you links if you want) (Optional but increases your scores alot.)
    3.Make Divine shield buff and rename it to the same name as fire guy's spell (Major) (2min)
    4.Rename static trap to mine (Major) (1min less)
    5.Hero choosing room/dialog box (optional) (Half-1hour i may be able to make that...)
    6.Change beds model to future model..(optional)
    7.Some...kind of more future like items for goblin merchant not "staff and teleportion" ect. (you can just take a lil paper and a pen then write your ideas when you got one for item.)
    i can help you if you want...
    Notify me when you updated the map and fixed the things so i can re-review & higher my rating...
    You need to put some Quests, it is better when a map has a story/goal.
    There is no shop at begin, people want to buy items.
    And you have to improve the terrain too.
    More specific, give some suggestions.
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