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Last Activity:
Apr 10, 2018
Jul 7, 2010


beyond godlike, from Wouldn't you like to know.

x3GlikE was last seen:
Apr 10, 2018
    1. rysnt11
      Xglike, i want to apologize for my quitting word last time, that time, i just afraid, that i can't be so active because of exam...
      And, your workshop has a bunch of request, didn't you go there anymore?
    2. Maker
      Yes, the map says v1.2.
    3. Maker
      I'm moderating about 10 spells a day to clear all pending spells. You might not need to wait that long anymore :)
    4. Maker
      Thank you!
    5. random.guy27
      May I ask what's the current status of your map?

      About my Heroes. There are currently 7 Heroes. Also, I've made some changes and balances here & there with my Heroes. I better make a changelog next time.
    6. random.guy27
      OHH. Now I get it... :))
      The previous post was kind of confusing that's why I misinterpreted it. Sorry for that.
    7. SpectreD
      triggers, mainly spells
    8. SpectreD
      was wondering if i can help out?
    9. SpectreD
      hey are you working on a project?
    10. random.guy27
      Sorry but, I don't follow what you're saying. But I understand that English isn't your native language.

      But are saying that you will just get some of the spells from my Heroes then create some spells of your own then add them to your Hero?
      If that's the case then, sorry, but I have to say no.
      It's because I not only create the spells solely because of the theme or role of the Hero, I also made them to have synergy, meaning to work well with each other, and that's no easy job. And I really want them to be seen and played as I designed them.

      Sorry, but it's a 'pride' thing. I know that I have to suck it up but I just can't stop it. Hope you understand.

      <span style="font-size: 15px">But</span> if you simply want spells/skills, then I could also create some for your Heroes. Just tell me its Theme, Role, and what kind of spell you want (AoE? Single-targeted? Stun? Nuke?)
      I'm a Flexible man. :)
    11. random.guy27
      Ok. I'm done with the Basic Items, and I've also made 1 new Hero.
      Just click here to check them out.

      And yeah, I ain't that busy and am extremely bored that's why I'm doing these many things. It's still vacation time here but starting June 7 or 16, you won't be seeing me that much since I'll be busy with school by then.
    12. random.guy27
      Ok but, should I create Basic Items & Item Shops?
    13. random.guy27
      So, what about Basic Items & Item Shops?
      Will you be the one to create these things? Or should I be the one?

      Also, will you be using "Recipes" & "Recipes Shops"?
    14. random.guy27
      Ohh. Ok.
      Australia's not that far from here, and our Time Zones aren't that far either.
      Anyway... I've already made 4 Heroes, including the one I've shown you.
      Click here to visit my blog & see the Heroes.

      I still have some questions like...
      • In your map, what is the average MS(Movement Speed) of Heroes? 300? 290? 280?
      • How many HP do you gain every 1 STR? That also goes for Mana => 1 INT.
      I need these values so that I can assign proper values in the Heroes I've made.
    15. rysnt11
      Is that so?
      Okay, but, i got my attention distracted by defskull's workshop, i'm sorry to say this, i'm quitting from your workshop
      Once again, i'm truly apologize if, i had dissapointed you
      And i do not want to insult you with my words..
    16. rysnt11
      Hello, i just go to the point, are your workshop is dead?
      Cuz, i'm still want to help people, if yes, then, i'll quit
      Thanks for adding me as member, i hope you reply this vm soon
    17. random.guy27
      Just some questions.
      What's the Time Zone there in your location? Coz here it's GMT +8.
      And should I start creating Heroes and Items for you? :D No seriously...
    18. -Kobas-
      Hmmm, check some tutorials and terrains in Terrain Board.
    19. -Kobas-
      lol even if I want I can't :D
      You must do it alone :)
    20. Nestharus
      There are already many tutorials on how to set it up, including a step-by-step guide on how to get the Lua stuff for %lib into a map.

      After reading the docs, then come to me with any questions you have.

      It's a lot of work to set up, so I'd rather not. The last one I did had a rather complex code structure and ended up taking me 24 hours to configure. Because the guy still doesn't know how to use Encoder, I now have to maintain it.

      I don't put it into maps for others anymore for the above 2 reasons =P. I really did that one map for advertising anyways =)

      But yea, don't be lazy =P.
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    Wouldn't you like to know.
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    x3GlikE @ Bored Aussies
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    US West
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    Kirin Tor
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