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Last Activity:
Apr 10, 2018
Jul 7, 2010


beyond godlike, from Wouldn't you like to know.

x3GlikE was last seen:
Apr 10, 2018
    1. defskull
      That's why I prefer playing on Garena Platform, as it offers a multi-server that doesn't lags at all
      Mine is Malaysia, so there is a server installed in Garena which is for Malaysian user and it doesn't lag at all because the server is located at each corresponding capital city of that particular country
      Like yours, the main server is located in Canberra in Garena platform which will give you an outstanding experience while Dota-ing or even mini-gaming xD
    2. defskull
      I am working on a map, Battlefield hehe
      Mind joining me?
    3. defskull
      Btw, WHEN do we get started on our project lol ?
    4. defskull
      what do you type in the warcraft3 registery fix box?
    5. yeohxin
      Sound nice
    6. defskull
      Sorry if I sound so stupid but...
      How to play at Bored Aussies ?
      Need registration or something ?
      Unlike my playform, which is Garena, easy to install and register and wala !
      Play !
    7. defskull
      How to ENTER a CHANNEL ?
    8. defskull
      first of all, WHAT is bored Aussies ?
      Aussies is Australia ???
      Second, I only play DotA on a platform called Garena, google it

      I'm heading to Garena right now and play a couple of DotA games
    9. defskull
      Man, what are you doing ?
    10. defskull
      If you CAN, PLEASE reply the messages to MY profile, not YOURS..
      It's kinda hard if I don't receive the notifications
    11. x3GlikE
      rofl :D i don't get you
    12. defskull
      I tried with another model but I can't change the Art - Model File xxx.mdl
      It ALWAYS show .mdl, but you made it .mdx, HOW?

      Okay okay !
      It was MY mistake LoL
      Everything seems to be fine now, thanks xD
    13. x3GlikE
      np dude :D
    14. defskull
      Yeah, thanks for the test map, +rep was given ;D
    15. x3GlikE
      Link to you map :D
    16. defskull
      I don't understand what a sig connected to a map creation ?
      Explanation !
    17. defskull
      So, did you start any terraining yet ?
      Cause' I am SOOO BAD at terraining, I can only do the triggers, events, and stuffs
      Other than that... well, no need to mention xD
    18. x3GlikE
      Can you give me the link of where you got the model
    19. x3GlikE
      kk dw its easy dude
    20. defskull
      Hey, can you teach me how to IMPORT a model into our own map ?
      This model needs to be implement in my map (just training how to import models into map) and if you can, please create a test map where the model can be seen, not just a black shadow.
      Thanks in advance, will +rep ~
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    Wouldn't you like to know.
    Current Project:
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    x3GlikE @ Bored Aussies
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US West
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Kirin Tor
    I am a bot :p

    I am not sure


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