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Last Activity:
Apr 10, 2018
Jul 7, 2010


beyond godlike, from Wouldn't you like to know.

x3GlikE was last seen:
Apr 10, 2018
    1. millzy
      sure but im not 100% sure on what text i want other than the title for the loading screen. also i want a small picture each hero (ill show you what i mean later) and i havent finished all the heros yet.
      Mayby you can do the minimap for now? all im after is the pic and The map tital for the minimap
    2. defskull
      And I think that the project is... dead.
    3. knight_godryu
      what about icons :D
    4. Mr.Fuzz
      lol, AWESOME
    5. Mr.Fuzz
      How's the Artwork coming along, friend?
    6. defskull
    7. TriggerHappy
      You can only use English in the forums, that includes your user title.
    8. defskull
      Let's create some spells !
    9. defskull
    10. Boogles
      Thanks for the help I appreciate it :D
    11. Mr.Fuzz
      Loool You'd be on my Special Thanks ANYWAY for art! But now you'll be on my MEGA THANKS LIST :D
    12. defskull
      Dude, let's talk !
    13. defskull
      I've got LOTS of activity yesterday lol...
      Couldn't work on the map for a single minute, back at home was like 12AM LOL...
      I'm gonna sleep first, I'll give you the map once the terrain is done editing ok?
    14. defskull
      Feel free to visit HERE to support our project.
    15. RedClaw
      ok map not ready but most of it is done il pm you the map to have a lock at it and il do the second version tomorow k?
    16. RedClaw
      ok here is my idea:there is a military base where they get all item etc they need thy are in the basse allys but outside the base they are enmys and can't entery the base only once they are dead they resuap in the base and in the city i will put some creeps like ''Mutans'' or ''Survivor'' that atack us. -EternalWow2010-
    17. RedClaw
      k i made like 15% of map i qit the idea ith port! map will be done today or in 2-3 days :D
    18. RedClaw
      bad news....i found All the models i need to make the terrain and the city and the outposts but....the map has 4 mb....i realy need all the model i got to make the city with port and some ruind buildings some ruind tanks....wat do you say?...wat shut i do? shut i contineu?or wat shut i delet from here :
      city port,intact buildings,some tanks only leave 1.
    19. RedClaw
      whele now i am selecting models for map some tanks some buildings etc whene i made halp of map il pm you :D and give ya the map
    20. indomitable1319
      Thanks so much, man.
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    x3GlikE @ Bored Aussies
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    Kirin Tor
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