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Last Activity:
Aug 14, 2017
Jun 17, 2008

Awarded Medals 5

Along the hot equatorial line.. (Malaysia)
Full time earthling


I died when Aeris cried, from Along the hot equatorial line.. (Malaysia)

Wraithling was last seen:
Aug 14, 2017
    1. defskull
      See you tomorrow dude first thing in the morning !
      I'm going to sleep, or maybe... DotA 1st hehe ;D
      You're playing DotA too ?
      Hope we can make a good gb partner mwahahaha
      K, bye for now ;D
      Thanks for being an understandable person in THW, I felt that I am very grateful to have found you, well I puji edi, u must smile 99 rite now de?
      hehehe ciao~
    2. defskull
      I often saw the word "leaks" and stuffs, what ARE those things meant ???
      Please explain to me in a detail manner ;D
    3. defskull
      Well, good luck with that !
      Haha although that competition seems funny, Einstein for Int wakakakkakaa !
    4. defskull
      Do you got YM ???
      I am too lazy to make msn lol...
    5. defskull
      The spell, SUCKS is it ?
      Or you have not tried it yet ?
      Nvm, I deserve it =(
      Btw, I took a peek at you resources, the Kraken LOL
      Somebody ask for a different design but you presented on a different design !
      I have made a search about Kraken and the design or model is... well, too many
      6-7, so you are right, so does he ;D
      A win-win situation dude ;D
    6. defskull
      Yes, it is.
      Thanks to you too dude ;D
      You helped me looked for that guy over there
      Is he an influenced person over here ?
      He looks... well...
      Pretty famous, and generous
      Pretty hard to find a generous and kind person on this web, don't you think?
      Some of them lc hard, and some of them just ignore noobs, but this guys, I like him ;D just like you...
      I'm glade I found you !
    7. defskull
    8. defskull
      How to see him online or not by viewing his/her profile ?
      MUST it be done in forums ONLY ???
      Takes time lol . . .
    9. defskull
      I have request a help from him
      Hey, how to see that the person is online or not ?
      I am a freshcomer here, so don't be mad cause' I asked you TOO much =.=''
      Satu Malaysia ? haha
    10. defskull
      Maps so far I have created:
      Mini games (mini hero arena like foc, ninja killing maps, boss-killing maps, etc)
      Maybe with your modeling skills, and with my noob-like triggering skills, we could actually create our own RPG !!!
      Haha, latar tempat is, KL !
    11. defskull
    12. defskull
      You mastered in what field ?
      Modelling ?
      If that so...
      We have different interest !!!
      But that does not make us to stop making a good maps right ???
      Hey, have you intend to make a map ?
      We could do it together y'know ...
    13. Midnighters
      Hey, haven't talked to you in a while, you have msn right? add me, midnighters@live.com
    14. defskull
      Hey !
      Are you a Singaporean ???
      Or Msian ???
      Or even a MALAY ?!
      Hope we can be a good friends ;D
      Teach me triggers and stuffs pls, sensei =)
    15. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      Finally I see you online. However I haven't played mtg already for long time... was playing plenty of M&B though
    16. DrPepper1
      That's great :) hope you get a good impression of it.
    17. DrPepper1
      Oh god yeah, thanks for the input.
    18. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      I see you're online. And weekend is coming.
    19. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      Yes, but I want a story driven campaign, not doing the same quests over and over again. The mods don't change that :( Although there are nice mods with gunpowder and stuff, warhammer mod would be nice, but they left the cities as in original game D: Yes, I played the expansion, it's the same, it's annoying to go over and over again, starting from level 1.

      Just say me the time of day you could play.

    20. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      No new computer. It works on my old one, even though sometimes lags, especially when new enemies arriving. Still much better working than Oblivion. However after some time it gets a bit boring without any objective.

      We could play magic when you come from job, just tell me when in GMT +1 time
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  • About

    Along the hot equatorial line.. (Malaysia)
    Full time earthling
    Current Project:
    Learning to cook
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Kirin Tor
    I'm just a skinny bespectacled guy who drinks soy bean milk and yells "my internet sucks!" every other minute

    pointless crap talk
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