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Jul 9, 2016
Nov 4, 2008

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Fab, Male

I'm back. Jun 25, 2016

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Jul 9, 2016
    1. Sephalo
      Thanks alot for the compliments:D
      Currently working more on the classes then the terrain. Got some great idea's again it seems:P
      If there's news I keep the rpg thread up to date!
    2. Alagremm
      Forum thingy-majig?
    3. Alagremm
      Thanks! :)
      And I thought that nobody will find out that its my birthday.
    4. Wraith
      Thats weird, it look fine and work to me. Can you give me what does error say just gimme 1. I'm using NewGenPack v5c how about you?
    5. Wraith
      About the spell did not work maybe because you open it in normal world editor, that spell is vjass so you need NewGen WE to open it..
    6. Alagremm
      Did you see the new models? Its just what we needed.
      Destiny is at hand!
    7. Alagremm
      Why are you talking with yourself?:cgrin:
      But I have some ideas about arrakoa. They will have Berserker\Warrior of Terokk unit(Wildkin)
      Also they will probably use dark and arcane magic, cuz they had a war agains the Light itself, so they are hostile to the draenei.
      Did Wolfe send you my ideas for the map, that I wrote to him?
      Also check map of Draenor, note the islands.
    8. Marshmalo
      Ok I've done some on the map check your email, Zangarmarsh and nagrand are practicaly done.
    9. Marshmalo
      Green? woa ok ill try and make it not look TOO funky
    10. Marshmalo
      ok but the shadowcouncil do excist before the opening of the dark portal? Maybe give the player that controls Gul'dan the option of forming the shadow council? I'm reading up on the lore using wow wiki but its realy sketchy about info before the sundering so I'll leave lore up to you tho I think people will want to play as the shadow council cos their cool.

      Getting a modeler would definitly be good but can I just say be careful cos I've played some maps where the maker has obviously thought "more models= good" when its realy easy to overload a map with costum models. I think we shud be realy selective with what models we use to keep the map size down as much as pos. This way more peeps will play it hopefully.

      I will devote most map space to those regions you've mentioned then oh what about nether storm before the destruction of outland? Also do you want me to include shatterath city?

      Sorry for so many questions, I will start this tomorow and show you my progress on sunday.
    11. Marshmalo
      I just looked up the races/clans you mentioned and omg this sounds awsome!!! I take it Guldan and nerzul will be included as leaders of the shadow council? There are alot of races and factions there so I think you'l need alot of costum models but theres alot of lore material for us to include. I think finding models for the Arakkoa and Gronn will be difficult, with the Mok'Natha atleast we have the beastmaster model and can reskin some orc models.

      Yep I can terrain for you but I'm gunna need alot more info, how big will this map be?
      Will you be representing the whole of Drenor or just a small section? (the whole of dreanor would be epic imo).
      If this is set before the sundering then the terrain will be different from that shown in WoW but we don't want it so different that people won't recognise it, I guess hellfire peninsula wouldnt exist as its before the dark portal.
      I asume this is multiplayer right?
    12. Marshmalo
      That sounds pretty good, I'm not an expert on the lore so what war is that set? like WC1 or WC2? Have you started it yet? I might be able to help if you want.
    13. Marshmalo
      Heya I just snt my posible ideas for a wc Lore type map let me know what youu think or if you ahve any aswel.
    14. Alagremm
    15. RolePlaynGamer
      Well, you're like, eh, 10 hours infront of me, so it's a bit hard to chat with you, =]
      In 18 hours from now, 9am GMT+1 tomorow, I'll be on msn for a while, you can catch me there,
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