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Last Activity:
Feb 16, 2020
Aug 1, 2013


The everlasting roar!

Wietlol was last seen:
Feb 16, 2020
    1. T77df
      Thank you. Friend
    2. T77df
      Or Are we Enemy?
    3. T77df
      Hi Friend.
    4. Arad MNK
    5. Arad MNK
      Arad MNK
      Btw you know anyway to create a social group?
    6. Arad MNK
      Arad MNK
      I guess that your mind IS a computer... Using DOS Operating system...

    7. Arad MNK
      Arad MNK
      Long time no talk, buddy :) Remember those days u said 0.999~ = 1?
    8. Anderhil
      hey wiet, if you were kind enuff to head over to chat i'd be very happy bro :p
    9. Leo Akastenix
      Leo Akastenix
      NOW.. I understand!!! THANK U!!!
    10. Leo Akastenix
      Leo Akastenix
      The jass is killing me...


      Can u give me an example for everything?
    11. Leo Akastenix
      Leo Akastenix
      Ok.. i know this is a stupid question... but whats a library? Is everything included there for jus copying and pasting?

      So how can i lift a unt into air for a moment then slam it to the ground? Make it a missile then lift it up by setting height, set wait 1 or 2 sec, before slamming it to the gound by settig height to0, then create a dummy unit which will cast thunderclap then..

      Wait wait wait... abt the 3rd and 4rd paragraph.. you mean we *can* have many missiles in which each's damage and stats stored? So... how do i do that... for instance?
    12. Leo Akastenix
      Leo Akastenix
      Sorry to bother you.. but abt those jass codes... do we have to copy all of those for the system to work... then..m i can just trigger?...

      I think i understand the missile part, its just creating a dummy unit, attach a spec effect to it, then making it collide and deal danage knockback and etc.
    13. Leo Akastenix
      Leo Akastenix
      Thanks. It will greatly move Megacraft forward!
    14. Leo Akastenix
      Leo Akastenix
      Thank! Im pretty noob at triggering. And abt somethig, can the missile system, when a unt attacks, create a unit as a missile to be shot at the target for the attackin unit's damage?
    15. Leo Akastenix
      Leo Akastenix
      I dont understand the missile sytem at all. Can u sort of give me a trigger of how to do it?
    16. Leo Akastenix
      Leo Akastenix
      Wietlol, can you pls help me with some triggers?
      This is what I want from you pls,
      1)mechanical air units when killed will turn black(tinted) and start to fall to the ground, upon hitting the ground, the unit will disappear, there will be a special effect and nearby ground units will be dealt damage.
      2) A spell that makes the target unit fly into the air for a while before hitting the ground, dealing damage to himself and nearby units.
      Can u do it? I am pretty noob at triggers.

      It will surely help Megacraft.
    17. ILH
      Happy new year :D
    18. BPower
      Hey Wietlol,

      I've been working a lot on the UIPackage lately without beeing sure that what
      I'm doing is actually useful as public resource or not. It's nice to get a critical feedback.

      The best thing about the whole package in it's current state is that is working ( as far as I can say ).

      For me it was important to seperate each aspect of an UI into seperate libaries.
      So you can make updates in code more or less indepandent from the entire system.
      1. ) entire screen
      2. ) windows
      3. ) borders
      4. ) buttons
      5. ) camera
      5. ) sound
      6. ) multiboard
      7. ) textbox??

      I've chosen a vJass feature of extending structs. It's a bit slow in execution ( compared to modules
      and spams a lot of trigger, but it's very read-able once you get used to it.

      Sadly I will not have so much time the next month, because of the exam period.
      But I will join you in the chat, when I can spare a bit of my time.
    19. Bribe
      You're right. Those dynamic triggers arr fugly and I avoided them. Maybe at some other time in the future, but I just finished with that huge Spell System project and want a break ;)
    20. Bribe
      HP? I think I already did that with HealEvent, unless you're referring to mana?
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    Kirin Tor


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