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Feb 16, 2020
Aug 1, 2013


The everlasting roar!

Wietlol was last seen:
Feb 16, 2020
    1. PurgeandFire

      Handing JASS to GUI'ers never works out. Otherwise I would've forgotten GUI a long time ago.
    2. PurgeandFire
      hehe, I just like giving rep if people go the extra mile to help someone. In your case, you coded a whole system. That is pretty awesome.
    3. BPower
      To modify a projectile pitch I would recommend:
      // Projectile pitch. Takes and returns radians!

      private real angleZ
      method operator pitch takes nothing returns real
      return angleZ

      method operator pitch= takes real theta returns nothing
      local real cos = Cos(theta)
      local real vel = velocity// GetVelocity(missile)
      local real acc = acceleration

      set velX = vel*Cos(angle)*cos
      set velY = vel*Sin(angle)*cos
      set velZ = vel*Sin(theta)
      set accX = acc*Cos(angle)*cos
      set accY = acc*Sin(angle)*cos
      set accZ = acc*Sin(theta)

      set angleZ = theta
      call Missile_SetUnitPitch(dummy, theta)// Set Animation Index.
      to avoid issues with 0 division.
    4. BPower
      I'm working hard on my Missile system, going completly away from the way
      I dealt with horizontal and vertical motion before.

      Actually now it's very close to what you did in the first place.
      What will remain is the data structure MissileStruct module.

      Thanks for the pastbin link
    5. BPower
      In your custom projectile system you should use
      Atan2 over Atan to calculate the facing angle.

      theta = Atan(velY/velX)
      theta = Atan2(velY, velX)

      Wiki link about Atan2

      I'm working on mine again and checked other existing projectile systems.
    6. IcemanBo
      You have shown me a map once, I think... in which you had some custom models from hive figures imported? :)
    7. Ardenian
      Ahh, I understand, thank you! Then it should be fine when using it for a custom obstacle system
      or a talent tree where no interaction with other players occurs.
    8. Ardenian
      So it is safe to create a function and within that function, use GetLocalPlayer to hide and show a unit ?
      If I call this function from another function and after returning, move the hidden unit,
      would this cause desync ?
      Or to go into detail, can I safely manipulate the units being hidden to certain players,
      like moving, scaling, killing, removing ... ?
    9. Ardenian
      Hu, I knew of that method, but doesn't this easily cause desyncs ?
      Cause of GetLocalPlayer() ?
    10. Ardenian
      Ah I see, thank you, that's some code to go through
    11. Ardenian
      Custom interfaces should be visible for one player, then recreated for each human player so all players can be in the custom interface without having to see what player 1 is watching.
      Is there a tutorial for this or an explanation ? Never heard of this
    12. Xonok
      Iirc it was because you edited your post while I wrote mine.
    13. The_Silent
      Fair, the rep message was wrong. Sorry.
    14. FRENGERS
    15. Flux
    16. Flux
      "Originally Posted by Ninja Wietlol"
      that was your name before?
    17. Flux
    18. FRENGERS
      lol it's stacking thou.....
      but don't worry about that :D :D I appreciate it <3 <3
      hehe I should change it to 10% to confirm it either works or not :D :D
    19. Flux
      Were you a "Ninja" before?
    20. FRENGERS
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