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    Example on how much WoW is addicting

    LOL, I used to be addicted to WoW too, spent literally a whole month in this schedule Started out on my couch, with my comp on a table, so i can access it while on the couch. I slept on the couch and only moved to get food like once a day. Went to bed at 3-4 AM, then repeated, waking up at about...
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    actually the robe was all freehand, cross was also done, but badly, so i apologize for that, I am changing the skin. So you will see this guy back, but better. Hopefully you guys will find it acceptable.
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    Need Help With this Skin

    ok, thanks, really appreciate it
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    Need Help With this Skin

    i mean that little thing sticking out, not part of the robe but that little stick-type thing.
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    Need Help With this Skin

    Hey, I'm working on a sorcerer/wizard/spell caster skin, and it happens to be using the acolyte model. Well I am just about done with the skin, and I need some help finding the area to remove, because when I use my skin, there is some kind of stick or something popping out of his leg. Here is my...
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    actually, most of it was freehand, but ill work on it more.
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    BTNSummoner (Icon)

    This is an Icon I made to go along with my Acolyte Skin.
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    BTNSummoner (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    The Summoner (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    Summoner.BLP (Texture)

    Alright, here is my second skin. It may just look like a recolor but if you look closely, most of it is freehand. Anyways, hope you enjoy. Keywords: Wizard, Summoner, Human, Mage, Spellcaster, Dark, Priest, Follower
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    There we go, I think this is much better than the original.
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    Reputation: (Post) Very Nice Pitlord skin

    Reputation: (Post) Very Nice Pitlord skin
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    StoneScaleNaga2.BLP (Texture)

    This skin was entirely made by me. I actually started about a year ago with this, but was rejected, and just thought that I'd give it another go, with some touch ups and modifications that I have learned over the year. Hope you enjoy :) Updated August 27, 2008. Here is another try. Redid all...
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    Stonescale Naga (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    Undead Myrmidon

    I'm sorry lol, I found out. I was playing around some more and found out how to make things transparent, etc. Thanks though.