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  • Hey man, someone requested a Human version of your Wolf Lord/Hero Shaman model which I made for him using in-game textures. I just thought I'd ask if you'd want it to add to the bundle for other people who may want something similar? I don't need to be credited either since the edit took barely ten minutes.
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    (Bundle) Usually, I'm a lover of models with Wc3 Animations, but the animations of this model are so amazing that it's worth making an exception. Best werewolf ever!
    Rating: 5/5
    If you're having trouble with newer Windows versions, have you tried compatibility mode or running a virtual OS of an earlier version?
    Can I ask permission? Sellenisko is gonna make a Wolf-version (Normal wolf but with braids) for your wolf-lord and his werewolf version? please please please reply :(
    Pretty much yes, work leaves me very little free time, also newer windows versions mess up mdl.vis, so it gets very annoying to model stuff.
    Hey man. Are you still around? You're pretty much one of the best modellers around here, I'm curious to know how are you doing and what do you do nowadays. I suppose you moved on from WC3?
    Can you make a wolf form of the wolf lord? Not the were wolf one but the custom wolf w/scars and dreadlocks. Please?
    If you feel like creating more zombies, that'be great. I love ur tentacle one, would love to see some different ones! Bloody? Poisoned? Idk :)
    It is done by using a ribbon particle emitter, they are very hard to make is they do not show up in magos or mdlvis, so you have to tweak them test the model in game see if it works and repeat until they turn out the way you like them.
    In the werewolf's case it uses 4 emitters per hand, one for each claw.
    how did you do that when your werewolf attacks, he seems to sliced the air with those shining claw effects?
    Greetings fellow modeler! I just wanted to ask if i could borrow your animations from your statue, i would liek to make elven ruin versions, if thats ok with you? Of course credits will be fully given.
    Fellow modeler! It's been a while since the last one, but the next modeling contest is finally on its way. Help us determine the theme for the 27th Hive Workshop Modeling Contest!
    lol I didn't notice the reply because you wrote it on your own profile. I asked if you are finnish, because of the nickname, that sniper in ww2.
    Sorry since I have almost no free time any more I most probably wont be able to fulfil the request.
    Hey dude. Just thought I'd ask since you got pretty awesome animation skills.
    Do you take requests?
    Hey man, My friend UgoUgo is making an Icon of your Wolf Lord model so are you okay to upload and create the Icon? here's the screenshot of his work.


    [14-13-42] Roland: I'll be lying my head down.
    [14-13-53] Roland: Heartbeat is really getting slow.
    [14-14-04] UgoUgo: ok
    [14-14-36] Roland: Give me the screenshots of your progress and the uploaded work when you're done.
    [14-15-00] UgoUgo: ok
    [14-27-20] Roland: NYAH
    [14-38-24] Roland: Can you also include the skillset?
    [14-40-47] UgoUgo: ?
    [14-40-51] UgoUgo: err
    [14-40-51] UgoUgo: cant
    [14-40-57] Roland: Oh, Okay.
    [14-41-50] UgoUgo: i cant draw any complex thing without tablet/or anything that allows me to use my hand directly
    [14-42-01] Roland: UgoUgo, oh
    [15-02-32] Roland: Any progress?
    [15-05-51] UgoUgo: yes
    [15-05-54] UgoUgo: almost done
    [15-06-03] Roland: Great! :D
    [15-06-10] Roland: Screenshot sir?
    [15-07-14] Roland: oh
    [15-07-18] Roland: download lightshot
    [15-07-24] Roland: to have a faster screenshot
    [15-07-26] UgoUgo: http://postimg.org/image/o8gh7xu8d/
    [15-07-44] Roland: It looks.
    [15-07-54] Roland: Gorgeous!
    [15-07-58] UgoUgo: it looks?
    [15-08-08] UgoUgo: oh lol
    [15-08-09] Roland: yeah
    [15-08-11] Roland: good
    [15-08-11] UgoUgo: thx
    [15-08-18] Roland: try adding a hero glow?
    [15-08-45] UgoUgo: wait
    [15-10-01] UgoUgo: err
    [15-10-08] UgoUgo: you gotta ask permission from whitedeath first
    [15-10-22] UgoUgo: mods gonna ask for the permission proof
    [15-10-22] Roland: okay.
    [15-10-26] Roland: wait
    [15-10-59] Roland: A fitting icon needs permission?
    [15-11-13] UgoUgo: yes
    [15-11-31] UgoUgo: if the model doesnt belong to the icon maker
    [15-11-35] UgoUgo: you need it
    [15-12-12] Roland: check his vm
    [15-12-52] Roland: Alright
    [15-13-05] Roland: Just don't upload the icon and save it along with the layers.
    [15-13-23] Roland: When he replies, we'll return to the icon making to finish it.
    [15-13-29] UgoUgo: wait
    [15-13-33] Roland: Campadre amigo?
    [15-13-47] UgoUgo: you are asking for permission to add hero glow or to upload it? >.>
    [15-14-00] Roland: Add a hero glow
    [15-14-07] Roland: on his icon
    [15-14-14] Roland: I MEAN YOUR ICON
    [15-14-30] Roland: But the upload should be pemitted tho
    [15-14-49] UgoUgo: even if its permitted, you need to proof it
    [15-14-53] UgoUgo: prove*
    [15-15-16] UgoUgo: and when things like these, i prefer pming rather than showing to the public
    [15-15-23] Roland: oh
    [15-15-26] UgoUgo: well its up to you
    [15-15-31] Roland: let me copy and paste our chat messages
    [15-16-05] Roland: http://www.hiveworkshop....itedeath/#vmessage418254
    [15-16-11] UgoUgo: just ask him whether he allows his wolf lord model to have an icon or not
    [15-16-15] UgoUgo: simple as that
    Not for now, currently I have a lot of other stuff started and not so much time to finish them, so once they are done I might make another orc, if I get some interesting idea.
    I'm really impressed with your Wolf Lord model, say do you have plans in making more orc models?
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