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Last Activity:
Jan 27, 2020 at 9:42 AM
Feb 5, 2009

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Wazzz was last seen:
Searching, Jan 27, 2020 at 9:42 AM
    1. VeljkoM
      Yeah still need to finish it. I am sure everyone forgot though.

      Well there was no rule about changing starting location and balance issue comes from terrain and not techtree itself. So while it does hurt player it isn't fault of the techtree.
    2. VeljkoM
      Well just checking and hope you do well on your exams/tests/job.
    3. VeljkoM
      So how goes life?
    4. VeljkoM
      Ah well when ever you get free time then.
    5. VeljkoM
      So hey how goes the judging.
    6. fladdermasken
      Awesome. You could probably forward it straight to Veljkom instead, seeing as he's hosting it.
    7. fladdermasken
      sup Wazzz. Judge this because the other two judges flaked on it?
    8. Dawn Whitelighter
      Dawn Whitelighter
      Waaaaazzzzz!! :) <3 <3
    9. Orcnet
      Merry Christmas Wazzz, its been a while since we talk about awesome games lol, happy holidays :wgrin:
    10. MasterHaosis
    11. Sunreaver
      Are u phillipino ?
    12. mad_peon
      Dafuq with ur profile picture!
    13. Geries
    14. StoPCampinGn00b
    15. Marshmalo
      lol reading how worked up people get about that avatar makes me want to swap mine for it and go posting allover THW!
    16. ILH
      Yeah, that was fun. Although i must go to sleep that time, so sorry for that.
    17. Rheiko
      seems the lesbianese is pretty famous these days
    18. Heinvers
      wow, I'm amazed. It's the first time that I see you posting:)
    19. Kyrbi0
      After talking to some people about this, I figured I should 'put my money where my mouth is'...

      Wazzz, could you please consider changing your Avatar? It's inappropriate, seeing two men kissing like that (primarily due to the depth of the passion evidenced in the kiss, and the lack of clothing apparent on the bodies, but yes, also due to the depiction of a homosexual act). However, to be honest, I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with a hetero couple kissing like that on an avatar here at THW.

      This isn't about hate or intolerance. It's simply a matter of rules & standards. I have done the same thing for many other people (most recently Forsaken, and his weren't even hetero-/homo-sexual, simply sensual/suggestive women), asking them to change an avatar/signature that I felt didn't fit them or this site.

      In a second question, I must ask "why?"; why do you have an avatar like that? Do you not know that the Avatar is, in a very literal sense, your "face" in the community? Many people choose images that are 'cool', or 'funny' or 'awexome' or 'thought-provoking' or 'indicative of their nature/qualities'. Does this avatar serve as a manifestation of you, an accurate representation?
    20. Solu9
      Uhh. For some reason I like your avatar!
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Dark Iron


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