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    Mortar Team Siege 1.2

    Okay, Version 1.2 is up :) Check the Change log for details
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    Long time, nothing heard...

    Exactly! Actually they might not be ignorant but I just keep fighting and never accept their beliefs xD
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    Mortar Team Siege 1.2

    The reason of the poorly done coding is because of all attempts I tried to make it simple, but it simply didn't want to work. So I left it as it was >> The AI scripts did I make by myself. Though, here again, I tried to make an AI for the Mortar Teams who you put as a computer controller but it...
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    Long time, nothing heard...

    Oh well, xD I'll try to keep that in mind next time :D
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    Long time, nothing heard...

    So, I've been registred on this forum for around 4 years now but I haven't said anything during this time. All I've been doing here is browsing through all the resources and stuff like that x) I think the reason why I registred an account 4 years ago was to rate one map a friend of mine had...
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    Mortar Team Siege 1.2

    @Radicool, Okay I got it updated with 2 screenies and a real update log :D
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    Mortar Team Siege 1.2 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Mortar Team Siege 1.2 (Map)

    Mortar Team Siege Created by Wazte Storyline: Since the Alliance lost contact with one of it's main trading routes, a small dwarf team was sent in to investigate. When they arrived, nothing seemed to be wrong. Except that the whole area was empty. They decided to go deeper into the...
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    Small Village

    NiCE!! It should exist more models like this on hive.
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    Siege on the castle

    Nice map!
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    Card Shuffle Edition 3.3c