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Last Activity:
Jan 1, 2021
Aug 18, 2009

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Penguin in a shark suit

WaterKnight was last seen:
Jan 1, 2021
    1. kamyflex
      Probably Spell Shield Amulet ?! a hint ??
    2. Shadow Daemon
      Shadow Daemon
      Offset shows absolute position of mipmap in the file. To read first mipmap, your program should follow these steps:
      Read JPEG_HEADER_SIZE ([4] bytes located at 156 position)
      Read JPEG header ([JPEG_HEADER_SIZE] bytes located at 160 position)
      Read mipmap ([MipMapSize[0]] bytes located at MipMapOffset[0] position)
      Concatenate JPEG header and mipmap.
      Send the result to JPEG decoder.
      If you have a problem with missing bytes when reading, try to debug and watch the variable, that contains file offset.
    3. kamyflex
      Because i found you in all the "passive with colldown" threads :D
      well if it happens that you have time for a tutorial show us some tricks, its ok althought :)
    4. kamyflex
      Hi ! pleas make a "Passive ability with cooldown" Tutorial :) Plz !
    5. Splub
      Awesome avatar dude!
    6. Kam
    7. WaterKnight
      Step up to the plate and try new ideas in the Mapmaking Challenge #4, running from August 15th.
    8. Ralle
      Poll ended. The 4th round of the Challenge will be held from 15th to 16th August 8pm to 8pm (UTC+2). Here is an online countdown timer.
      Can you give me a message to post as a notice?
    9. Softmints
      How about asymmetric spawns, towers, terrain? And how worthwhile/balanced are spawn upgrades in competition to hero building?
      The reason to introduce asymmetry in an lpg is that you're confident that the advantages/disadvantages it creates will provoke action, as team try to capitalise on their advantages and exploit the enemy disadvantages.

      In Dota2, certain heroes are considered better on Radiant/Dire, and Roshan is easier to take as Dire. In TI4, most teams rushed to the Radiant jungle at the start of the game, to place wards there or try get a kill. In a symmetric game, there would be no reason for teams to converge at a place and fight that early (without some other mechanic). So it can have benefits, though you sacrifice the cleanliness of perfect symmetry. That said, even League gets complaints that one team wins more because of the camera angle!

      I have yet to come across spawn upgrades that I like. Collectively, they're either:
      A boost to your troop's power that causes you to passively push lanes, smothering your opponents unless they also spend money on upgrades. No well-versed opponent will ignore upgrades, so in effect they are a very temporary advantage, for a few waves at most.
      A game of rock-paper-scissors. Again, your advantage in playing rock only lasts until your opponent notices and plays paper. Temporary advantage for long-term disadvantage.
      I don't find either of those satisfying mechanics to win with, or play against. They punish new players who don't know the system, and demand time/gold from players who have better things to be doing (like: having fun).

      EotA has a lot of spawn upgrades. Team assets require a separate team resource so no individual has to foot the bill, which I like. But fundamentally, it's rock-paper-scissors for a temporary advantage, which lasts longer if your opponents are busy, don't know the system, or resource-starved. I think that outcome could probably be implemented in a cleaner way with less disadvantages.
    10. Softmints
      What do you think of asymmetric AoSs?
      The advantage of asymmetry (non-shared hero pools) is that in lpgs with smaller hero pools, you can afford to have more extreme/unique designs without risking certain combos being too powerful. It also means the matchups are more familiar and easier to balance. It's easier to focus on making smaller pools of heroes more dynamic, because the possible matchups are easier to calculate and accommodate for.

      It's totally possible to make extreme designs work in a shared pool, but it takes more finesse to make sure that every combination has weaknesses, and that one team grabbing all the pushers won't get a free win because they left none for the opposing team.

      RoW is still asymmetric due to inertia. The amount of effort to re-code/re-design/re-balance everything for a shared pool is not worthwhile at this point, compared to revising the terrain and improving hero designs.
    11. Alireza Evil
      Alireza Evil
      My feeling told me however i found a game named ''School of Dragons'' Want to try it? it's very good.
    12. Alireza Evil
      Alireza Evil
      You Don't like me right?
    13. Heinvers
      [23-58-54] [IMG] WaterKnight: *whines in the corner*
      LOL, you okay man? :)
    14. chobibo
      I just realized that gin wasn't a wolf... Sorry...
    15. Mythic
      W-why is it t-that large and not in hidden tags? :goblin_cry:
    16. Mythic
      WaterKnight, [IMG]

    17. Heinvers
    18. Heinvers
      *looks at WaterKnight's avatar* :) just a rough guess:3
    19. Heinvers
    20. neo_sluf
      i need help dude.. tell me what i must do.. JNGP problem

      i may look like an idiot and stupid guy but i really facing an annoying problem here..

      My Norton blocks JNGP... so i uninstall it.. UNINSTALL EVERYTHING ON NORTON..

      I restart the computer

      Delete all JNGP Files... cleared the Recycle Bin..

      Downloaded the JNGP from hive

      Extract to Warcraft III folder

      Click the application


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    Current Project:
    Defend Wintercastle
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor
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