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    What is the weirdest song you have ever heard.

    Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up AKA rick roll. No Questions Asked.
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    Whats your fav. game besides war3?

    To be honest, I had to pick other. BECAUSE MY FAV GAME IS ON THE PS3 AAHHA Its actually littleBIGplanet.
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    [Trigger] Unit builds building - building unit dies

    Sorry, I wasent exact, I wanted the unit to die no matter what ability it cast. I figured it out now AND tested it. OneBuildPrepPack Events Unit - A unit Finishes casting an ability Conditions (Unit-type of (Triggering unit)) Equal to Preperation Pack Actions...
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    how to specify where units can return gold to

    A simple way: One building = Town hall One building = Ancient Ability Name = Return Resources Return Resources > Stats - Targets Allowed Edit Stats - Targets allowed to etiher Ancient or town hall Give both buildings the return gold lumber ability. Done.
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    [Trigger] Unit builds building - building unit dies

    Is that the only flaw?
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    [Trigger] Unit builds building - building unit dies

    Lets call our unit a Preperation Pack. When our unit builds a building, say a small farm, how can I make it die, I think it has to be using triggers. Hows this: PrepPackOneBuild Events Unit - A unit Finishes construction Conditions (Unit-type of (Triggering...
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    Bordering Icons

    Bordering Icons So, you went and made your self an icon, havent you? You go to add it to your map when... BAM! It hits you! You havent got a border! What do you do? Give it one! Required Programs Button Manager v1.8 - (Goto) Used to add the border to the icon. Internal Link. Warcraft III...
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    Space map name, and parts names.

    Thinking of a random name, how about Rip in time or Crack in Subspace Thinking of names for engines and engine upgrades LVL 1 - Rusty Engine LVL 2 - Weak Iron Engine LVL 3 - Iron Engine LVL 4 - Steel Engine LVL 5 - Thorium Engine LVL 6 - Hyper Engine LVL 7 - Nitro Engine -ULTIMATE- Thinking...
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    Need Ideas for units

    Arcane Turret Damage: 20-35 Range: 700 in stand still mode, 300 in move mode HP: 800 Armor: 7 Race: Blood Elf Abilities: Flight, feedback A small turret that can pack away into a plane and take off. Also drains mana and deals more damage with the mana taken away. 20 gold, 50...
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    Drop-off points

    Thanks guys. For some reason I couldnt find them abilities.
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    Drop-off points

    Do you know the lumber mill, town halls? How do I make another building, e.g. a barracks, able to take either lumber, gold or both? Like town hall accepts gold and lumber, lumber mill accepts lumber.
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    No HP regeneration

    I'm not sure if you can, but can you make it so that when a unit (Most preferably human) is in combat, its HP regeneration freezes, but when it exits combat, it waits X seconds for the HP regen to start again.
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    Thanks. Yeh the hilt wasent really my main focus. I really was focusing on the shading and texture of the actual sword.
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    BTNShortSword (Icon)

    A basic shortsword. Could be used for MANY things. Keywords: Short sword, short, sword, iron, steel.
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    BTNShortSword (Warcraft 3 Icon)