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    Skeleton Garthok

    I'll put it to good use
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    Night Warrior Tyrande

    This Tyrande model automatically becomes one of my favorites, thanks for creating it, I love it!
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    Shandris With "Immersive Bow" and upright stance

    works and looks great! I loved it
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    Hammer Doom Guard (Reforged Beta)

    excellent model, I will put it to good use
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    I like it! could you bring the dragon onice the dark
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    Blood Elf Death Knight v1

    I was amazed with the model! do you also have it without mount?
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    Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged: The Scourge of Lordaeron Act I

    Thank you for your time to improve this game!
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    Silver Hand General

    I just saw that they already uploaded the mode
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    Death Knight Shield Maiden

    I liked the model, could you make the same version without the helmet pls?
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    Lord Garithos Reforged Unmounted

    Thank you! I wanted to have this model, I love it, it works wonderfully
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    Nightborne Male Warrior WoW Port

    I love these models like this from ardenweald if you have more models of units, nature buildings or whatever is from ardenweald I would appreciate if you upload it, it is for a campaign
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    Critter - Beaver

    I already saw it, thanks
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    Hello, I love this model but the portrait looks like this and it changes position but it never looks good, could you solve that? thank you
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    Orbs of Frostcraft

    thanks for uploading it, I really liked them
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    Critter - Beaver

    Hello friend, do you have any cat models that are wow or in hd?