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    This model is very epic but it needs to be animated as a normal hero unit to be useful.
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    King Varian Wrynn 2.0

    Is it possible to add a second attack animation? This would make the model perfect ;)
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    Dwarven Mountaineer/Sniper

    hahahahhaaha xD
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    Dwarven Mountaineer/Sniper

    Thanks for your effort and time :peasant-cheers-back:
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    Dwarven Mountaineer/Sniper

    Nice model dude :peasant-thumbs-up: Looks like Hemet Nesingwary xD
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    Elite dual-wield captain

    Thank ubso much for your time! This looks much better now!
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    WIP - Extract all weapons & Disarm all units from Reforged

    Thank ubsome dude! So useful for many creative ideas! Also I'm thankful for your huge amount of work
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    Elite dual-wield captain

    Excellent model! But the lion on the chest could be removed or replaced (or belt).
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    HeroArchmage Unmounted Reforged

    great model thx! but is it possible to change the weapon with the priest (high elf) weapon? then u would get a nice priest model xD
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    Tauren Berserk

    so nice xD finally one more tauren model in the model section! I could need a Tauren Shaman or a Tauren Druid model for my new map xD But thank u for this excellent warrior typed model :)
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    Troll Devotee (Worker)

    This model has so much potential! Pls add some shoulder armor, trollish animations and maybe a staff and then u'll get a nice troll shaman or mage :peasant-thumbs-up-cheers:
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    Tauren Youngblood

    The model is great! But we need much more tauren models for reforged. A tauren druid like Hamuul Runetotem would be stunning ;)
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    Lordaeron Spearman

    Rly a nice model! Very useful for different kind of human themed maps
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    Tyrande Dismounted

    All right, that was helpful and looks much better now... But this function does it automatically :) I there a way to set the hight by my own?
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    Tyrande Dismounted

    Hi Retera, there is an issue with the healthbar hight. I think it is too low. How can I set the position of the health bar with your model studio? Greetings!