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    [Spell] How to: Free up ability slots on this builder hero

    How to stack standart buttons (remove Patrol, Hold Position, etc) Here what you want tho :p
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    Request a system

    Advanced Camera, Keyboard & Movement System there's a tutorial right in the page
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    Request a system

    Do you use JNPG?
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    Ai (or trigger) for custom race

    Then you don't have a choice but export each map
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    Ai (or trigger) for custom race

    Hey, you can export all object data in Object Editor and then in AI Editor you import it in "Custom Data" field. That should make your custom units available in AI Editor
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    [Solved] Help with GetUnitX/Y position

    Heh nice, i don't think it is simple like that:D +rep
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks
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    [Solved] Help with GetUnitX/Y position

    Hi, if possible, could anyone help me change the "Move Unit Instantly" GUI to GetUnitX/Y position because i don't want to disrupt orders and i am not familiar to JASS much. Thanks Warp Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast)...
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    Strange Graphical Bug

    Did your friend check the War3 settings? (Like the Light, textures to high, etc...)
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    [Spell] How to: Free up ability slots on this builder hero

    The "Attribute Bonus" ability has a "Hide - Icon" field or use "Channel" ability with "Visible" unchecked
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) For your horrific mathematics in armor calc!!!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) For your horrific mathematics in armor calc!!!
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    [Spell] How to create a spell with ratio armor

    Maybe he means getting a percentage of a unit's armor as a bonus to his spell damage
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    Using unit dead animations in item models

    IMO, it's not possible to do it with any triggers. But you can try: 1) Edit the model by delete all sequence except the dead animations and rename them into "stand" or sth and import. But this may increase your map size if you don't know modeling well (like removing other unnecessary model's...
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    Easy question

    You can use Ctrl + Enter to drop a line too but i don't know if this would cause any problems :p
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    [Solved] How to prevent a unit/building from DE-activating Mana Shield?

    I thought the mana shield only automatically turns off when a unit/building is out of mana How about creating a trigger which catches a string order when mana shield turned off and force that unit/building to turn on? (Which makes your mana shield cannot be turned off manually too)