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  • Are you using JASS NewGen Pack? If not, you can just delete the vJASS of Block (or disable it).
    I have started uploading some of the models to the database now, you can find the T-34 and the Tiger I respectively here. There might be some more models uploaded tonight, but in any case, i have started to collect all other models into a zip that i will send to you as soon as i can.

    EDIT: here are a couple more. The rest will come later.
    Note that you will need the newboom1.blp and PantherTankTrack.blp textures from the uploaded models.
    hey! it's my pleasure to invite you on Chaos Realm Home of Avid Game Modders & Warcraft3 Addicts.
    Hope to see you there soon mate!
    Nao sou o unico brasileiro que gosta de ϟƘƦƖןןΣx
    o/ Dubstep me manda seu msn,skype ...
    Reputation (--17):
    (Post) [highlight](-10%)[/highlight] This is bad. We do not want to see this kind of conduct on our website.
    I reported you for this set of posts, your insults are unacceptable. By degrading the mentally challenged with use of the word retard, and excessive cursing, you also trolled Gausslander and Deolrin, which is beyond merit. I hope the moderators see to a swift and hasty resolve.

    Based on the childish nature of your posts I doubt you are 21, in fact I believe you are below age of 16.
    Yeye, I got my exam within 2,5h so..
    not now ;)))
    When I come back, I'm pretty sure I will.
    No problem :)
    That's cool don't ask me how I'm going - because that's not disrespectful or anything at all Vtz! D:
    Oh, its from 3ds max... If you are using 3ds max 4 then This Tool is a verrrry good companion of it. Just don't know for other versions because it doesn't seem to fit in 3ds max 2011 which I have uninstalled in my computer lately. What I have installed in my PC is Gmax... Better as well.
    There are a lot of 3d tutorials here I am just starting to learn animation, so you can't expect me to say more about animating models... What modeling tool do you use?
    I am pretty sure there are a few ones up already, although the last one (a red alert map) was broken by 1.23.
    I think it could be cool though. :)
    I remember enjoying the old-school sprite based CnC, but i haven't played any of the newer versions. :(
    I think they ruined it with CnC4, it looks like a pile of crap (and no resource harvesting :'( )
    Sorry for delay. I'm willing to help you but I have one (last) egzam left. It is on Wednesday, and not till then I can help you.
    What was the issue about D: I don't remember every request since I got too many S:
    There is no duration for bounce in my spell. It's always about the distance. And my formula already gives additional distance per each point of str. Oh man (mb lady) please edit the formula by yourself - if no, probably I'll be editing this foever since there can be always 'but' ;P
    Map has been updated. Change the distance formula as you desire for range manipulation.
    'units strange' - do you know what 'stringe' means? ^^
    I'm pretty sure you meant 'range', didn't you?
    PM me your map, I'll import the spell myself. Aroubd damage. What mark do you have from English subject? ;3 Btw, thats what I get: you want every bounce to deal damage to unit that has been bounced + units on lava tileset take damage over time untill they leave given area. Request taken anyways, gonna be ready tomorrow - I got a movie to wath now with friend.
    Let me know more about whats you want. You have shared not many specifics about it.
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