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Last Activity:
May 11, 2018
Aug 31, 2008
Sep 1, 1995 (Age: 24)


E Pluribus Unum, 24

Vosty was last seen:
May 11, 2018
    1. The World Is Flat
      The World Is Flat
      Yeah, i know how yah feel. good luck with all the school... Maybe well work on somesort of project in the future... lol, i'm really busy trying to get a power point presentation ready for a talk i'm giving in new york city...
    2. The World Is Flat
      The World Is Flat
      Sent you an email... Lol...
    3. The World Is Flat
      The World Is Flat
      Hey mate! I'll add you tp my contacts rigth away.
    4. The World Is Flat
      The World Is Flat
      well whats your email?
      we should stay in contact.
    5. Vosty
      I am gone from THW.
      Heres why:
      I am 14, meaning that most teenagers have social lives (although you were all good friends)
      I am a physical person (sports really kill time)
      I took a short break, and instantly lost a lot of wierd anxiety. Maybe project dates were tough.
      I have "other stuff" to do now as well. (C++ and GameMaker, mainly making free games for people to enjoy. I also am doing some secret stuff.)
      Maybe I will be back someday. (Like when my computer gets upgraded. Until then, good luck with your projects. I may pop in to DL them.
    6. The World Is Flat
      The World Is Flat
      lol finally lets have n update?
    7. Lag_Reviews
      Thanks for the offer and I don't mind how long it is since your last post to me.

      If I need help I'll ask you,

      PS: Thanks
    8. Markskii
      dUd3 1 i 1ik3 y0ur l33t pr0fi13 1ts s0 w00tn3$$.l0lzorz ftw pH34R m3 1 P0wn U.
      +H3 kw1Ck br0wN f0x jUMp5 0v3r t3h L@zy D09.
    9. Dragonson
      Vosty? I know you don't have much time, but i kind of need players for a RP, and if you would join it would be Awesome! :)
      If you have enough time, please check out Rafia: Blackwind Mountains and Necropia :)
    10. Lag_Reviews
      Hey vosty!

      I know eh? Just posted that thing about AVG to help out and it made the news, I was like soo excited.

      Thank-you for telling me that posting on my own message board is not what your supposed to do, and I have deleted my posts from me on my message board and replied on there page.

      Thanks for everything,
    11. havard1993
    12. RaijinSpark
      LOL someone gave me 1 :)
    13. jms
      vosty i will. work on moving it fast, too bad it was deleted.. ill try to upload it again updated .. thx for the +rep..
    14. The World Is Flat
      The World Is Flat
      XD Of course, im so freakin cool XD hows the cinimatic comin'???
    15. Nichita_00

      Hi brother.
    16. Nichita_00
      Seeing your messages towards Elenai I've concluded that you're christian. Am I right?
    17. arthas_king
      Well, i remember, i was working with spetnezz at his project, he accidently deleted the file, but i forgot to purge it from my bin, then i took it back and gave it to him, so he was repping me once a day. :P
    18. The World Is Flat
      The World Is Flat
      Quite true. ill do some phases soon, right now i'm working on making some heroscape cards out of D&D + Warhammer 40k models.
    19. The World Is Flat
      The World Is Flat
      So do you want more phases or is the cinimatic still need a ton of work?
    20. The World Is Flat
      The World Is Flat
      Hahahaha thats hilarious...
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    Sep 1, 1995 (Age: 24)
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    US West
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