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    amazing, thx for the bugs correction.
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    nice as aways, hey could you make a holy water flask based on the the BrewmasterMissle? with some Emitters it cold be usefull.
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    Don't do this, your FXmodels are great, but i have to say that FXmodels in general are not much popular, i specialy like your models and find then really usefull, if you stop doing then it will be sad... =/
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    in game the shield looks wrong plz fix this...
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    You are geeting better,i tested in the viwer... it have amazing anims :) { vc ta ficando melhor cara, esse modelo ta muito bom,sem querer ser chato mais ja sendo ^^ , eu queria te pedir uma coisinha.. vc poderia fixar a stand ready animation do 4 vill hammerfall ?? o modelo e muito bom mais...
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    great, as aways...
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    plz, i need the "Insomnia" skin of Lord Garithos

    he, i tryed to download that skin but... the link is broken or something so plz if anyone have this skin take a mim to send it to [email protected] thx in advance.
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    new forum game

    humm, you are really right ramnza i hurted the crocs, hehe sry^^ anyway... hurt - snake heal - sheep Crocodile - 6 Snake - 9 Puma - 11 Panther - 6 Sheep - 18
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    new forum game

    because sheeps are cool, im in... heal - sheep hurt - panther "In the sheep kings name!" Crocodile - 6 Snake - 10 Puma - 11 Panther - 6 Sheep - 17
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    humm, you are right, the helm is really close to the image "i think i made a little nistake with the Nazgul King helm", also the anims of the EredarWarlock are not bad at sauron, you have made a great work olofmoleman.
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    new forum game

    hurt - monkey heal - Lizard Crocodile - 11 Snake - 10 Lizard - 13 Puma - 11 Tiger - 10 Monkey - 4 Gorilla - 11 Panther - 9 Sheep - 12
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    great, sauron is aways "well come" humm, but i donno why i dont liked much the helm... anyway great!
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    WoW guild pulls a Phred Phelps

    "Lembre-se de que a coisa mais pesada que alguém pode carregar é a sua consciência..." Remember that the thing more heavy one man can carry is his conscience... most of the members of "serenity now" will grow up some day,and probaly they gonna re-think in what they done, we cant do nothing...
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    Could the WC3 Alliance bring down the army of Mordor?

    you guys think that the white lady of Lórien is dumb? well if only a dumb person could acquired a ring from sauron, so you all think she is dumb. listen, sauron's corruption methods are quite strong, You guys may not know, but saruman was a great mage that fought at gandalf side, at the same...
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    Tenebis.. BR? just to know...^^