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Vista sucks
Last Activity:
Jan 31, 2017
Jul 21, 2010
Where people say 'mate'.
Cafee Chef (Part time)

Vista sucks

Interested, from Where people say 'mate'.

Vista sucks was last seen:
Jan 31, 2017
    1. NightStalker
    2. Dark-Zalor
      Thanks you man
      you can visit my fb page (see the link in description) to see some crazy pictures
      You can send me your ideas or suggestions about items heroes or nothing else
    3. Roland
      Hey I wanna see your graphics :D
    4. Roland
      The Heck is this?
    5. MiniMage
      Oh yeah, could you show me the progress? It's not like I don't trust ya. Just curious how it looks like. :D
    6. MiniMage
      I think you're thinking about the word overhaul. Not over hull. ;P
      Nice to see that there's progress though. Come online on the hivechat a little now and then.. or possibly contact me on skype.

      Skype Username: "Christofer.laurell" I'm online quite frequently.
      Although sometimes I require sleep.. -> GMT+1.

      Somtimes I need to shut down the computer for the sake of a lighter electricity bill and for the sake of people trying to sleep.
      The fan makes a little noise and the constant buzz does annoy some people.

      I wasn't expecting a major overhaul. The interest and the active help from you is greatly appreciated. ;D
      Dare I say, It is wonderful to see you working. Even more so when compared to the bazillion others who promised me help, but did nothing.

      You on the other hand stated that you would help me when you could and made no promise you couldn't keep. Also, Currently I am trying to get my own site up and running. ;D

      Anyhow, that's about it.
    7. MiniMage
      Remember the map file I sent to you? Had any time over to check it out? ;D
    8. Darklycan51
      do you have any screens of your work? because i'm able to do some terraining up to mid level i'm not very good at high skilled terraining so
    9. Misha
      sure you can :)
    10. morbent
      "Feel free to use the edited version I made. Its still pretty much 99% your work."

      k, I'll do the blp stuff when I can...although, I prefer it yellow, I don't know, I could just copy the red cracks you made and increase my lightness. Thanks for all the support anyway. When I'm in the mood for making icons I'll see what I can do about that.

      add: ok, I updated it. I hope it looks better now, what do you think? Oh, but I fucked up the runes a bit... I think I darkened them a little by mistake...
    11. Nightcrime
      woo you're bak! Wut happened to icon reviewer?! :O
    12. Misha
    13. Mr.Kell
      You are mod?
    14. Misha
      xD but what's with banging the head against the ground?
    15. Misha
      ...what in the world is your current avatar? :xxd:
    16. Maestros
      i figured it out... i want the models... + the gear thing... care to share them?
    17. Maestros
      .... uploaded a screenshot of them :P?
    18. Maestros
      There is something wrong with that link... xD
    19. I3lackDeath
      how do you even know wth it was rofl
      I didn't, I have magical powers to quickly dig up original images of copypasta: anti-pasta.
    20. rcshaggy
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    Where people say 'mate'.
    Cafee Chef (Part time)
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    US West
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    Argent Dawn
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    If I told you, id have to kill you!

    Oh I like lots of things, just, where do I start?


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