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    Rise of the Lich King Reanimated 1.0

    My very first custom campaign i ever played
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    The King is back!
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    [Campaign] Joe's Chronicles Remastered (Joe's Quest, Deandra's Tale, Mordork's Quest)

    This looks so awesome. I remember little teaser about red orc named X, who planning to kill KaelThas.
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    Shards of Resistance: The Raiders

    Now Kobayashi looks way more evil
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    New Content Discussion [SPOILER]

    This song for Sasrogarn theme
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    New Content Discussion [SPOILER]

    New soundset for Okri fits really well
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    New Content Discussion [SPOILER]

    I just hope Grofzag manage to meet his father
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    Round Table of Arkain

    Darkmind is not the ones who attack village in first chapter
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    Round Table of Arkain

    Is there any important orc necrolyte to the story? Does Iszhog considered to be a necrolyte?
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    Harold the Scarecrow

    Sounds awesome!
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    Harold the Scarecrow

    I'm curious about Orc Warlord. He looks different and cool.
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    Orc Shaman Alternate

    Perfect icon for Nazgrel or Zagrel
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    Awesome icon!
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    Round Table of Arkain

    So... Karskin is dead?
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    Drek'Thar (Re-Classic)

    which one? all versions have eye glow