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Dec 5, 2019
Aug 20, 2007


Well-Known Member, Male

Vicboy was last seen:
Dec 5, 2019
    1. Squiggy
      ur sig b outdated
    2. Huurka
      Do something - something that's worth my awesome rep.
    3. Huurka
    4. Huurka
      Yes, please.
    5. Huurka
    6. Huurka
      I don't have WC3 installed. :>
    7. Septimus
      Hehe... if you want to play my map, I suggest you to play Are You Intelligent ? (Solo Edition). If you could reach level 6 and show me a screenshot, I would +rep you.. XD

      Most people quit before they reach level 4, and if you play single player. You could only reach level 3. XD
    8. Septimus
      lol.. I hate to review LOAP.. even with 6 hours+ I won't be able to find the entire bugs.

      You want to review my map ? Go ahead, I do not mind... but I afraid you would.. My map such as Are You Intelligent and Are You A Perfect Idiot are map that could piss people off... The main reason why I create it.. is because I enjoy seeing them do stupid stuff such as... Well, try play the map and you would find out.. lol
    9. Septimus
      Well, I just said I make the jokes as simple as possible for minor to understand. Not make the cinematic only could be view by adult.

      Honestly, if you play my map. You won't notice any malfunction hotkey as I am a sensitive person to hotkey error.

      But, I do not suggest you to play my map if you review a map based on fun. My map is fun, provided you love a extremely challenging and annoying game.

      About melee map, don't bother to review it first. Since it is going through a major update due to the poor terrain.
    10. Septimus
      Well, as long as the map does not have any bug. It usually would get a lot of merit point from me.

      Compare to other moderator who review a map and give rating of how nice the gameplay was, I give a review of how much bug I found.

      I detest and hate bug very much. That is why bugged map hardly get approval from me.
    11. Septimus
      did't he review your galactic conquest map while he is still a mini mod ?

      by the way, I suggest that if you want to rate a map. Always remember this.

      Rating 1 (Unacceptable) - This rating should never been given to approve map. If it really unacceptable, it would be either set at review or reject.

      Rating 2 (Lacking) - Lacking are often for map that have way too much bug that effect the game play such as malfunction hotkey, poor terrain, poor camera setup and etc etc..

      Rating 3 - For map with decent terrain and trigger with some minor bug.

      Rating 4 - Map with good terrain, hardly have any noticeable bug and attractive.

      Rating 5 - Map that are well develop.

      Actually I could explain more, but I think you might get tired by reading it.. XD
    12. Septimus
      You cannot blame Ash for his review about your map, his review often have a valid point just like mine.

      What makes the different between me and him when it cames into review is his review often focus at how fun the map was while I usually focus at bug detected.
    13. Septimus
      Terrain are important at every cinematic...

      About the sound, I cannot do that much about it. I just request a guy to make the voice for it since having a voice for the cinematic would encourage ppl to view it instead of quitting half-way.

      About the jokes, I make it simple cause we have many minor playing wc3. They might not understand a compleks joke :grin: (It get lot's of positive feedback back at the map section, if you ask those viewer their age. I can bet majority of them are between 10-20)

      Gee, you sound like Ash when it cames into review.... :P

      By the way, where do you get the model of a box for your cinematic ?

      And yeah, I love to take risk when it cames into map making. We are trying to create something fresh, did't we ?

      The other reason of why I want to know about my map getting low rating is because there is a lot of downrater who down rate resources at purpose without provide a reason that are valid enough to do so.
    14. Septimus
      Oh... I see

      Cause for every map reviewer, cinematic map are often judge at this 5 criteria.

      Music & Sound
      Plot & Story
      Replay Value & Fun factor

      Since you vote rating 2, I want to know what could possibly cause it to lost 60% of it's remaining point and you did not give a specific info about it.

      Everytime a user rate 1/2 for my resources, I am curious to know what goes wrong so I could improve it... lol
    15. Septimus
      so you judge cinematic map based on the storyline only ?
    16. Huurka
      What do YOU do on the forums?

      I browse it?
    17. ragingspeedhorn
      YouTube - Alex Gaudino feat. Crystal Waters - Destination Calabria
    18. Septimus
      lol, that map get rating 2 ? I though the terraining all was good enough.
    19. Huurka
      For the forums.
    20. CMarket
      Vicboy, Hi!

      How's it going?
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