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    Vengance for Sen´jin (R and Classic)

    hi, I am glad to see that your map hero is VolJin. I like his story very much, and I hope to see him in more maps. I tried to do some planning and map development for his story campaign for a while, but it was not completed because I lacked the skills and execution ability. I noticed that your...
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    Kobold Kingdom v1.1c

    Warcraft IP includes Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft, and Warcraft I II III. It is great to use their content and inspiration to enrich our map. The images and voice materials in Hearthstone's adventure mode "Kobolds and the Underground World" are very suitable for making a...
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    HD Modeling Contest #2 - Great Dark Beyond

    Shadowlands is not Azeroth either. But I don’t think anyone is thinking about Shadowlands.
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    Comment by 'Vibe' in media 'Тини.jpg'

    Are you taking a shower?
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    Blizzard Botched Warcraft III Remake After Internal Fights, Pressure Over Costs — Bloomberg

    After more than a decade of barbaric growth, the community still creates a lot of excellent content without the support of Blizzard. Now that Blizzard offers new model icons and even local voice, there is no need for the community to stagnate. I don't mind waiting for Blizzard to fix it in...
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    Turn war3 map into money

    Let's face it, your NetEase DZ platform is not beneficial to the development of the community and Warcraft. You steal the elements and ideas of open source maps in the community and commercialize it. You use the ridiculous paid posters of unified speech to post fake commercial map play...
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    Resource Spotlight - July 2021

    Is this to celebrate Midsummer Fire Festival?🎆🎆
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    Revival: I’m the Warchief of the Hord

    I would guess this is about the game version. :hohum: I'm sorry I didn't seem to mention that this map is only for the HD footage of Reforged.
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    Revival:I'm the Warchief of the Hord (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Revival: I’m the Warchief of the Hord (Map)

    You wake up after a storm and find that you are the Warchief of the Horde. Many forces in Durotar want to plunder your city. The Alliance’s navy builds troops on the coast. What are you going to do? The terrain is based on ORCX01. The gameplay is based on the original Melee. The AI of the...
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    HD Modeling Contest #1 - Hero's Journey

    Good luck to all the participants! I don't have the complete ability to participate in this competition, but I still pay attention to and like this competition. I like to feel the passion and creativity when designing characters. I look forward to more hero model competitions in the future.
  13. WorldMap.jpg


    Re-creation based on Blizzard's images.
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    [Technical Sharing] A more efficient way to manage custom campaigns

    It's nice to see you working on custom campaigns and development tools. The community is becoming great again! Looking forward to your next step.
  15. Shadows of the Horde

    Shadows of the Horde

    A project picture that may be used.