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Mar 19, 2015
May 11, 2004

Awarded Medals 2

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Arizona. USA
Student/US army

VGsatomi — Webmaster's Council

Former Wc3sear.ch Administrator, from Arizona. USA

VGsatomi was last seen:
Mar 19, 2015
    1. Raven0
      I know your not too active nowadays, but if you have some free time I could really use a review for my map:


      I you happen to get around to it I would greatly appreciate it ^-^
    2. VGsatomi
      If you are just seeing a shadow, then it means the import file paths are probably wrong. I would suggest double checking them.
    3. Rian Putra
      Rian Putra
      hey VG,what hero fit inu yasha model ???
      i just see shadow when i put unuyasha model in paladin?:vw_wtf: :goblin_boom:
    4. VGsatomi
      @ Mechanical Man: Very funny...

      @ Windu: It is a very old campaign. Those were the latest models when it was made. Ralle has the complete WC3s archive, but I doubt he'll post it in it's entirety because it would involve everything being out in moderation que, which is already backed up quite a bit.

      @Phalanx: Thanks!
    5. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      Will you join operation O.I.L. too? (Operation Invade Libya)
    6. Blackgaze
      VG talk to me when you get a chance too. Thank you
    7. Windu
      Dude where did u get all these models? O.o For the return of Alisia campaign... they were like damn old... do u still know where models from wc3sear can be found?
    8. The_Phalanx
      I'm not sure when you're going to see this considering it sounds like you're already in Iraq, but I wanted to thank you for taking the time to review one of my maps, Assault on Caer Portalis. I'm glad to see you enjoyed. Good luck with your tour.
    9. dead-man-walking

      Bai VGSatomi.

      Anyway, here's some, if you will ever Log In again in a few days.

    10. VGsatomi
      Heading back to Iraq next week. Will be gone for pretty much another year. Was looking for some good solo/offline compatible maps to keep me busy during the mobilization process. Could anyone recommend some? About 100 pages have been added to the map archive since last time. I picked up a few, but still digging around.
    11. supertoinkz
      Welcome back?
    12. TriggerHappy
      Hmm, going to be active again?
    13. VGsatomi
      Wow, Septimus, I could build a whole 'nother map in the time it would take me to make a description like that for every map I updated 0_o. But I added at least something for each, so there's no longer "no description" present. Its good to see you again, too.

      @Demi I was never an admin here. I used to run the site that THW absorbed after our host dumped us.
    14. Hawk
      So you where former admin on thw ? But why you quit ? You have back from long time that is record 6 years.. :D
    15. 00057
      Will you make a map?
    16. Septimus
      hey satomi, i am glad to see you're back.

      I am extremely happy to see you return and visit hive. But I do hope that you give your map an proper description along with proper structure Click Here like this link I provided.

      Nothing personal, but a lot of people does not know that map submitted at 2004-2007 does not require description and they might question the authority of the map mod for approving an map without proper description.
    17. RaijinSpark
      you mispelled admin D:
    18. RED BARON
      Look at his last activity - I doubt he'll be back. But I hope he will :smile: Was and is an awesome person.
    19. Blackgaze
      Satomi, the new Battle Royale is finally done and I would love for you to see the new version of yours. I will upload on the site when some new minor bugs are fixed.


      Come on Satomi; I've waited for this day
    20. The_Grapist
      Because he cant put "admin" there...
      Didnt you read the rules?
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    Arizona. USA
    Student/US army
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Argent Dawn
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    Webmaster's Council
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