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Mar 5, 2012
Mar 11, 2004

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Mar 5, 2012
    1. Sergeant Ray
      Sergeant Ray
      The same Vexorian from WC3? It is an honor.
    2. Vexorian
      Please avoid leaving messages here or in PMs, I don't visit this site regularly and when I do I may not notice any notifications.

      mydas: Am I supposed to know that?
      NearbyHermit: Should I take the question literally ?
    3. mydas
      Hello, Vexorian.

      First of all, you should know that I admire and respect your work. I don't think anybody else did so much for the warcraft community. And your models rock, man !

      Second of all, is this the largest model database ? Because I keep on searching for things like manticore, pegasus, cerberus, sphinx - i can't find any of those.
      I'm working on a map based on greek mythology, and I really want the map to have that feeling - and I'm searching for some real models, not for cheap imitations that need you to use your imagination. If there aren't some already ... can you make some of those mythical creatures as models ? I think it would improve custom games by a mile ! (or nautical league, if you do the Kraken :> )
    4. NearbyHermit
      MC.Vexorian,how are you?
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