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    UI: OriginFrames

    Hey Tasyen, Thanks for the amazing tutorials! Now with reforged online, I found that with BlzHideOriginFrames() you are left with a black bar at the bottom at the width of the 4:3 screen. You can get rid of it with BlzFrameSetVisible(BlzGetFrameByName("ConsoleUIBackdrop",0), false). Maybe you...
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    [Unsolved] Loot and Validators

    In my map i want units to drop items only if they have a specific behavior. In the loot tab of the data editor there is the field CLoot_ValidatorArray. as soon as i put any validator in there (tried different ones for test purposes), no loot appears (without validator i get loot). i think the...
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    [Unsolved] Attack Action Actor launch site ops problem

    thanks for the answer! i didnt even think of looking into the launch effect... but even adjusting that launch offset does not move it up, still the (parabola --> guided) mover uses it to calculate its horizontal speed, which lets the missile slow down at the end. i managed to solve it now: in...
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    [Unsolved] Attack Action Actor launch site ops problem

    does noone have an idea? or is the problem unclear?
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    [Unsolved] Constructing buildings on other buildings

    Hi, go to the units tab, select your main building, and go to the field "Behaviour - Built on" and select your dummy building - thats all. i tested it and had to build my barracks on top of a starport
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    [Unsolved] Attack Action Actor launch site ops problem

    Hi guys, in my TD i have a tower that uses a model that has no attachment point (warcraft doodad model). the problem is that the projectile launches from the ground (z=0) what i want to achieve is that it launches from somewhere above the ground (what i could easily achieve by setting...
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    Trigger not always working.

    to avoid all this complicated stuff with storing the unit type (and also the owner), just create the new unit first then remove the old one like this: Create 1 (Unit type of GoldenShrineUnit) for (Owner of ....... Remove GoldenShrineUnit from the game this way the GoldenShrineUnit / triggering...
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    [Trigger] Question about inventory

    another (maybe more simple solution): remove the item, then recreate it to the slot you want it to be in i didn't find it in gui but there is a native: native UnitAddItemToSlotById takes unit whichUnit, integer itemId, integer itemSlot returns boolean
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    [Unsolved] Data editor questions: Actor problems

    ah, i didn't even know about macros yet. i did what you suggested and played around with it and finally solved the problem. i just removed the whole death macro and everything works as it should. i already tested what happens when other people destroy a tree in the fog of war and it behaves...
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    [Unsolved] Data editor questions: Actor problems

    hmm, ok i tried the TakeSnapshot action but it doesn't change anything here. i created an example map and attached it to this post. i only created a model, a unit and an actor called "tree" to see the problem just kill a tree and go away from it
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    [Unsolved] Data editor questions: Actor problems

    Hey guys, i have some trouble with actors: 1) i have a warcraft III tree (as destructable) and want its "corpse" to stay after it has been killed. to achieve this i made the actor pause its animation with a timer shortly after the death of the tree and set its death time to -1. the problem is...
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    [Unsolved] Weapon Critical Effect - not random?

    ah thanks, so i shouldnt use Strafe type weapons anyways for my towers this thread can be closed now
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    [Unsolved] Weapon Critical Effect - not random?

    ok i tried to recreate the problem: i created a testmap and gave the photon cannon a 50% chance to attack like a stalker and.... it works as it should i did the same in my map and it works as well, so i compared my weapon to the photon cannon one and copied all fields.... still the same problem...
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    [Unsolved] Weapon Critical Effect - not random?

    Hi guys, in my TD i have a tower that has 20% chance to stun its target, shooting a different projectile. so i created 2 missile launch effects, one just deals damage on impact, the other deals damage and applies a behaviour that disables all abilities. for the weapon of my tower i set the...
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    [Unsolved] Data editor questions - Warcraft Assets

    1. ok, i figured the first out myself now. the solution is very similar to TyaArcade's solution for question 2 if someone is interested in the solution: in my unit actor, i changed the PortraitActor, PlacementActorModel, and PlaceholderActorModel to custom actors that have an event to...