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    The Last Guardian

    I got stuck in the last chapter... could only find the first piece of the song... made something with cheese and rats, picked up a potion from Moroes, picked up a wooden stick... and then? What are the books for? Wich one to pick up? Still trying to solve :( Perhaps a walkthrough would be a...
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    Day of the Dragon

    Neat campaign. Outstanding.
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    Worgen Peasant

    Ok... :( :P I think I will use this for my map giving credit of course :)
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    Good icon. Suits perfectly the model.
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    Black Balverine

    Would be neat if you made it worker like the Mur'gul Slave.
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    Murgul pool

    No birth animation? :(
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    I wanna the roof and the rails :(
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    Worgen Peasant

    It would be nice if you made another worgen models, for example, a worker based on the Ghould (for it's four-extremities movement) that gathers gold and lumber, and the original humans buildings a little destroyed, ruined. Would be useful if anyone made a worgen campaign :$
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    BLPaletter 1.5b

    It says everytime I want to create my blp: Width or height of image.jpg are not power of two. ????? What does that mean? I tried with small and mid and long images and no one works :S
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    Roller Coaster Beta v.07

    Neat map dude... I'd suggest more textures for ground but else it's neat :D Btw you are a very nice triggerer.
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Neat map, my brother is gonna love it

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Neat map, my brother is gonna love it
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    Hope you feel OK... your models are awesome :)

    Hope you feel OK... your models are awesome :)
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) NEAT, BEST TOWNHALL EVER SEEN

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) NEAT, BEST TOWNHALL EVER SEEN
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    Dwarf Campaign (Voice Acted)

    Really good campaign! 9/10 Maybe it could be a little longer... :D
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    Warcraft: Deception

    Nice idea. Hope it solves the bug. Btw, I removed the Medicine from the Hospital so you have to eat to recover health :ctwist: