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    Can you resist? can you resist this video? :ogre_love:
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    Is WWE fake?

    I was wondering is really wwe fake, there was 1 interview with the great khali where he says that 50% of wwe is fake/scenario and theres some real things. but I think that there's some fake things like this for example this is fcking ridiculous...
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    he's really cute xd 5 from 5 man!
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    aint bad 4/5 although its not approved yet
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    scray teeth xd my evaluation is 5 ofcourse lulz
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    damn nice paint hand 5!
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    What you did today

    Full day, Woke up then went to school bought 4 sandwichs with 1 liter cola, came back played CS 1.6 for a while then went to Conquer Online's forum then did some changes to my maps project, time became 19:17 (around :20 :25) ate few steaks then biskuit cake came here saw this thread and posted...
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    5/5 from me I like it so much
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    XD! I am gonna use this as storage man or blacksmith dwarf dunno :D
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    Both bags are awesome, they can be used as storage resource.
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    lol I am gonna use this is so freaking awesome :D
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    Great man I am gonna use this! 5 from 5
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    They're awesome I'm gonna use them definitely evaluation 5!
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    White Tiger

    And this is pure awesome! 500/5
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    This is awesome!!!!!!!!! 50/5