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    Doom Lord

    I have a good feeling about this.
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    Tier 3 ai problem

    Can you post one race script here? Possible problems: Food cost is not enough for any unit order before Tier 3. Unsolved Requirement/Insufficient Resources of the next building or unit. Only one Tier 1/2/3 structure to be builded, but AIs instead have more than 2 main structures in the map...
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    Know that this Year (2021) will mark the anniversary of Interstellar

    You should get some sleep.
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    Chào đc, dự án đến đâu rồi?

    Chào đc, dự án đến đâu rồi?
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    Kultiras Buildings

    Double Thumb Up.
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    Ultimate Battle v2.50

    He is in charge of the entire project now. I will be only around when people ask about missing issues with old patch, cause' my skill is very limited. You will find out how thing turn better by him soon.
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    Need to find this kind of minigame

    Yes sir, I'm aware of that, sometimes I feels good to relieve some of my decade-old brain-cells.
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    Need to find this kind of minigame

    Hey guys. I wanna ask if anyone still remember this game: and this game too: Game Chronicles - Review I don't think anyone is able to find a way to download Jade Shadow form Zango Games. Such good mini-games, buried deep into the Abyss.
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    Heralds of Oblivion

    I'm not sure but it seems that Town Portal Scroll can't be used, and no hero gets free scroll at start. My favourite strategy 'till this point is choose Yogg-Saron as quickly get to T3 strongest units such as Juggernaut, with few Whisperer's Void Barrier, with bunch of Tainted and Void Bringer's...
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    [UB] Bug Reports and AI problems

    We are going to rework things all overs since all custom spells based on negative values such as Mana Shield is conflicted with Damage Engine by Bride, and it causes too many unbalanced factors and confusions among players. And some models too, Tyvm.
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    Multi-Tier Hydra

    We already got Ancient Hydra, guess it's time for Legendary Hydra.
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    Permanent invisible bug sometimes happening after using this ability.

    I see nothing wrong with this initial scripts: - Unless something inside "Heroic LeapMove <gen>" which you may want to post here. - Heroic Leap (Buff) based on which spell? - Any other scripts that accidentally add invisible without casting condition or inside their loops? - Any other spells...
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    Sorry, I forgot that we can't delete thread. How pitiful.
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