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    Armor Penetration / Stimulus

    Just realized this one was so good, we asked for it early and never got around to leave a proper rating. Fixed.
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    Why did the redesign make the site so narrow?

    Fixed width makes a lot of things easier and ensures the site and e.g. subsequently map threads have less visual variance to them. I got used to the fixed width during beta, so I assume you will too. I'm neither here nor there but it seems the simplified icon artstyle doesn't go well with full...
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    Reputation (+2): (Post) for dunking on me whiel rating resources

    Reputation (+2): (Post) for dunking on me whiel rating resources
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    Manatap Aura

    neat Addendum: This model is really nice, the animation is seemless, it scales incredibly well and can be used in many different scenarios other than being a hero aura. In my case, we use it as an AoE indicator for boss abilities. That's a sign of a quality model, to be distinct but not...
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    Fireprincess Necklace

    This one is also really nice, I like most of this collection.
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    Firequeen Ring

    Looks really good
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    Some Custom Items Pack

    This "unusual" collection is a blessing for anyone searching for something less mainstream. I like it, very useful and just like your other pack well done.
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    Reputation (+2): (Post) For providing such exquisite resources.

    Reputation (+2): (Post) For providing such exquisite resources.
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    Icons to Models Pack

    Hey, I had the same issue. Set the path of GenericGlow2_mip1.blp to Textures\GenericGlow2_mip1.blp when importing to your map. Edit: Wow, just saw GeneralFrank's post. Somehow I didn't see it before. Sorry. And while I'm at it, this pack incredibly useful and just so well done. I'm really thankful.
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    [Solved] Potion of Vampirism

    Hello, I'm currently in the process of converting droppable consumables in my rpg from one generic model to a line of distinct models for visual fidelity and clarity. So far KAIL333XZ's Icon to Model Pack and KAIL333XZ's Some Custom Items Pack have been of tremendous help, but even searching...
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    Enthashara´s Tales ORPG 1.3.4 fix

    Good to see you managed to update the map to adjust to blizzard's changes.
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    The Black Road v1.39 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Wrath of The Archangels [SFX Contest #6]

    Absolutely visually stunning, glad I didn't miss the vote. The cannon perfectly conveys the sheer destructive force by first breaking atmospheric barriers, while the impact wreaks havoc on the earth, leaving lingering remnants of white glowing divine power inside the cracks as a constant...
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    High Resolution Loading Screens

    I thought as much and went ahead with it since my last post, see Screenshot I left it completly empty, which worked as well. I tested this and didn't get it to work, the result looks like this for me: Screenshot. The image is exactly 2560x1080 (stretched for test purposes) but the loading...
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    High Resolution Loading Screens

    Thanks for the tutorial, Mayday. I've implemented a loading screen as such but use loading screen text from the world edit. It moves that text to the bottom left instead of the usual mid right, is that configurable or do I have to edit the image for proper text position? Also, I'm using a 21:9...