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Uncle Fester
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Jan 11, 2020
Jun 6, 2010

Uncle Fester

The Hive's dearest Uncle, Male

Happy New Year everyone! :) Dec 31, 2018

Uncle Fester was last seen:
Jan 11, 2020
    1. HerrDave
      The changes will be done, dearest Uncle. (that sounded creepy o.o) As for the in-game textures, I don't know how to put them on a custom model, that is why you see custom skins on everything I make. If you'd give me a helping kick that'd be brilliant!
    2. HerrDave
      I've uploaded the edit, fine sir. Thank you again, for the permission, it wouldn't be possible without it!
    3. HerrDave
      Greetings from the basement, dearest Uncle. Might I trouble you for the permission to tamper with your most beautifully designed Troll Bowman?
    4. rcshaggy
      Hey man.
      Do you take requests?
    5. BLazeKraze
    6. PlankingWolf
    7. PlankingWolf
      Hey, I just saw your AK-47 weapon, and sorry for the stupid question, but if I use it on a marine, where would the attachment point be?
      left hand, right hand, etc?
    8. grunt
      oh I'm fine too :D !!
    9. grunt
      Uncle Fester :D !!! How are you :) !!
    10. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      It's true that is crappy. While technically and graphically is fine, it fails the design which is just everything going wrong. I played only alliance campaign, that race was already fucked up, when I came to those insectoids I just stopped playing, so lame it was. So I didn't even reach those orc like creatures. The alliance has some too familiar races and roles, having human footman, elven archers, then they picked a pikeman from somewhere, but the biggest fail are those dwarves or gnomes, whatever, first they have a catapult on yak or whatever that hairy creature is, so you may assume they are quite primitive race. But then you see another unit of the same race, it's a fucking steambird, the pinnacle of the technology in game. Between that is a weird airship wannabe (the model is also here on hive), which seems to float in air like it's on water, there are no visible baloon or rotors, not even sign of goddamn magic, although I doubt gnomes are about magic. In the end you get those miners or diggers, at that moment I almost tableflipped. The whole race is a mess, too many units for similar purposes, strange spellcasters and too much air units, because elves have also phoenixes and valkyries. Also the abilities and upgrades are lame, like from a nooby mapmakers (idea wise), like extra damage for x seconds or upgrading farm capacity, while there is a food cap anyway. So when I finally finished it, I went to play with insectoids, but was too lame, now the units were all to similar and you couldn't deduce what is one unit for from the looks. And fantasy is not suitable for zerg appearance races.
    11. Heinvers
      I've been lazy all week:/
    12. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      so i herd u like that crappy game Armies of Exigo too
    13. Zed
      Can i make you be my uncle for no reason? xD
    14. Valandil
    15. Valandil
      can you make easterling now ?
    16. Heinvers
      Hi uncle, how have you been?
    17. eubz
      Hello uncle, it has been too long. How are you these days?
    18. N.Knight
      Whenever you, can show me the WIPs of those Nubians. I need similar characters for my project and this dark blue text is hurting my eyes so much man!
    19. N.Knight
      What about the Nubian characters you were going to make? Any progress mate.
    20. Heinvers
      Indeed. Sometimes inspiration hits you hard I guess :D
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    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
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    Cult of the Damned
    spear-fishing, WoW (seldomly now), WC3Editing, Counter Strike CZ, swimming and other sports and going out with friends


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