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Nov 26, 2017
Jul 21, 2013


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Nov 26, 2017
    1. normalice
    2. z.ky
      thanks for your message, it is really motivating on making new maps!
      I'm really glad to know that you enjoy my map, and watching the replay you
      were talking about would be really nice, if you don't mind sending it to me.
      at the moment I'm finishing a map, might be useful as a ffa map, I'm sending it to
      you in the next days, if you want to give a look at it (you are not forced to play it, of course)
      However, thankyou again, really glad to know my maps are played)
    3. normalice
      oh, it was just a passing fancy. I don't expect I'll ever see it played. But I will point out that the starting mines have ample gold in them, and there are nearby (non-zeppelin) expansions available as well. The zeppelin expansions are really only there because I wanted to put some more creeps in, and had nothing for them to guard.

      Unfortunately, I don't have skype.. certainly count me in for playing it this weekend, though. Just give me a rough idea of when and I'll try to be there.

      Oh, also, I don't suppose you know anyone who hosts 1v1 games? I have a ton of maps I haven't been able to test with live players..
    4. normalice
      I want harshness - don't apologize. I'll take feedback any way I can get it.

      The map was really designed as a 4v4 map, but I thought that it could work as a FFA map. Perhaps I was mistaken.

      also, I don't know if I told you but I played a couple games hosted by your FFA bot. It is great actually being able to find FFA games!

      And this may be too forward/self-serving, but I would like to see Heirarchy played. However, it is not an FFA map in the strictest sense of the word: it is a 3v3v3v3 map, which is kind-of an FFA? I don't know if you'd be up for that sort of thing though..
    5. Blood Raven
      Blood Raven
      Sure, you have my permission to change any aesthetic aspect of the map without my permission. :) I think i went really too hard on the fog :D
      I'm happy you like the maps, and that tournament seems really nice, i might join up sometime as spectator or something :D
      And yes, i have several ffa map projects, but i'm kinda lazy to finish them
      [IMG] Here's my latest one.
      Oh, can you send me the replay from dalaran if possible? :)
    6. Blood Raven
      Blood Raven
      Thanks for notifying me of that tournament, i am happy to see that my map is used for tournaments :P
      Feel free to use any of my other maps as well. Have a nice day :)
      PS. Cloak of Shadows ftw xD
    7. ugrilainen
      Yes I dont need to talk about aesthetics and symetry. It is very important but you guys do it very well. I would not consider and ugly map, even if it was perfectly balanced.
      I see the admins here they do very good review on the quality of maps.

      At the moment i have a game on bot running on frozen deeps. PLayers are a mixed bag of bad and good players but you will see it being played. I commented my opinion in the replay at start about what I liked about it. Ill give you the replay link when game is over

      Friend request ok, I dunno how to do that though
    8. ugrilainen
      Yes I didnt know you could remove unit from dragon roost, I dont know anything about map making! :D This sounds like a great idea
      I'm going to check this out. And dont worry about what happened before it was misunderstanding.
    9. ugrilainen
      Yes I am not used to vm/pm, I will use that now

      A merc camp with no imba merc will work just as fine
    10. ugrilainen
      Thats ok abgm. Emglish is not my first language neither (Im french)
      To be frank with you I am on this site for about a week looking for new maps and I pre-selected like 10 that could work for ffa.
      Today we played 6 hive games : Deamonheim, SpringWater Harbour (my favorites), Foreplay (Melee), Harvest of Sorrow, Dalaran and HellSquare. I host regularly StormsHingle Moutain on the bot too.
      Your map is good, otherwise i would not have contacted you. The long corridors of trees are quite unusual but you pretty much respect all the standards of ffa (2 expo per players, balanced pos, nice creeps). Only issue was this dragon, who kills a game :(

      This is a nice map you made.

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