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Nov 26, 2017
Jul 21, 2013


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ugrilainen was last seen:
Nov 26, 2017
    1. Ken-E
      Finally uploaded the new version, I took the liberty to change plenty of terrain and rebalanced creep camps along the way. I really had an epic battle with an AI when we clashed on the center. ^^

      Anyway, please let me know what you think about it. Personally, I did my best to present a fresher feel for the map, I hope you like it
    2. normalice
      oh, i just updated it. But to tell you directly: I changed the creeps at the north and south gold mines from Red (golems) to green. I'm hoping this will encourage yellow/orange and pink/green to fight each other, instead of picking on red/blue. Additionally, I separated the cliff between the inner yellow-creep mines and the goblin shops. This will hopefully give red and blue some added space, if they decide to expand there.

      If it doesn't work I'm just going to have to move the top and bottom bases further from each other. I'd rather not do that, but if I must then I will.

      Also, I updated Rift. I took your suggestions almost exactly - the only deviation from them is I put 8 taverns near the bases, instead of in them. The terrain around the waygates should already be mostly unbuildable, but i patched a few holes anyway..
    3. Marcos DAB
      Marcos DAB
      I need to know more specifically what you need, long time without practicing drawing.
    4. normalice
    5. Halo99
      Well the sad thing is the Bot ping limit is to low for mine. I have about a 500ping. I dont lagg out or anything just a littl wait between comands. I cant join the bot cuz i get kicked for high ping :( which makes me sad :( is there anyway to fix this?
    6. normalice
      i watched it. they didn't really leave any feedback beyond "this sucks," which doesn't really tell me anything. I was kind of hoping the people who tested it would know the dangers of letting someone with good "position luck" get too comfortable, but alas...

      Anyway, it was sort of clear what was wrong with it. I have some ideas, though :-D
    7. sonofjay
      All my maps were made for the few people who follows me on this site and some personal friends. Never really hit my mind of making maps to be played competitively online. I'll give it some thoughts.
    8. sonofjay
      If I get motivated enough. I always make small melee map because I only have a very few friend who plays melee to play with.
    9. Halo99
      Omg omg omg which sever do you guys play on? and how can i join these FFa tournys :D ??? HOW!!?!?!?! XD
    10. normalice
      I uploaded Prism, which is an 8-player FFA map. If you have time, your feedback would be very appreciated :-D
    11. Ken-E
      I will, if I could get around it. But I definitely will!
    12. normalice
      yeah, middle creeps are supposed to take their toll - but they potentially drop two tomes of power so it's worth it :-D

      I just removed the top and bottom positions altogether. It is now a 4-player map only. But, I am working on two 8-player maps (one that looks bad but plays well, and another that's probably going to end up being the opposite..), if that's any consolation..

      I checked those middle mines. The pathing was clear. Was it possible someone had a shade parked there or something?
    13. Remixer
      Yeah, just wondering that your name means "Ugric" and it's written in perfect finnish so just thought I'd ask.
    14. Remixer
      Sure, by the way, are you from Finland?
    15. normalice
      that was actually a pretty good game - apart from the noobs.

      I should probably change the tileset, though. Kind of hard to see what's going on at times..
    16. z.ky
      Are you sure you checked the right map? It has the same filename as the version before
      now it has different creeps, item drops, 15000 gold on main goldmines, and added 100 trees to each player
    17. z.ky
      Map Updated, thanks again for the feedback
    18. Hell_Master
      Greeting, new fella member in Hive! I do see you like melee maps, aye?
    19. Ken-E
      Good day to you!
      I am very happy that there are alot of people that are playing people since nowadays WC 3 is ruled by AoS maps such as DotA and other maps alike.

      Also, I am very honored for playing my map and I would be glad to watch the replay please, do share it to me. :)
      I am currently making WC 2 remake maps, also, will be fixing a lot of things on my map pretty soon!
    20. ugrilainen
      wow 8 players map!
      was it an old project or you managed to do it recently?
      gonna check that!
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