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Last Activity:
Oct 24, 2010
Jul 14, 2007
texas, US


map maker, from texas, US

twelveoclock was last seen:
Oct 24, 2010
    1. Splash16
      Please add Ai in Your map.It is very good map.If you dont know i will help you.
    2. KillXUnknown
      please release gota 0.58 as soon as posible:D
    3. burgija
      hey mate !! ur the best!
      GotA best map every :)
      my friends and i love it so much,kinda gota freaks :)
      i was just wondering could u give me unprotected map so i can do just little fixations for my friends i would not post it anywhere! ..
    4. Facas
      twelve i love gota but is not good accept in eurobattle is much room of dota
      i need make modifications ins mapa but i dont know you can help me?
    5. Aramis
      Gota plz !!!
    6. Lenura
      please give us gota 0.58 :(
    7. Ulla-boy
      You still didn't fix the bug about loosing stats instead of gaining them in atribute bonus lvl 6
    8. Dark Hunter1357
      Dark Hunter1357
      Just wondering, were are you from?
    9. Ulla-boy
      Hi! I was wondering if you were working on a new Gota? :)
    10. TheImmortalOne
      You should totally use the icon nargaque has in his profile for your avatar. :)
    11. javierpjp
      how do you get wood????????????
    12. Rimkakishi
      Hello, I would like to congratulate you for the GotA. We are looking popularize the GotA in Brazil. Already we maintain a line of players who believe and we have our own forum. We would like to participate very well. We want the GotA have secured their place in Warcraft.
      I take this opportunity to offer to help in the creation of versions. I receive many requests for a version with AI and some changes. I hope that can help you. :thumbs_up:

      Thank you for rid of obsolete DotA. :xxd:

      Mentor of the project "GotA Brazil."

      PS.: Sorry for my English! I prefer mathematics than languages. :xxd:

      Edit: Link for Forum Click here
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  • About

    texas, US
    Current Project:
    it's a dota mock, with different terrain, items, heroes, etc.
    it's fun when you get tired of dota

    Mazing Skill TD
    a true test of your mazing skillz...
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US East
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Kirin Tor
    I play warcraft, and MTG on magic workstation. Also super smash bros. brawl
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