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  • your campaings rock! i didnt have time and i see another chapter is out time to play =)
    When I recorded the sounds I used GoldWave, but any sound recording program will do.
    Great job on your Rowan the Wise and Jeopardy for the Horde campaigns. I'm waiting for Resurrection of the Scourge inpaciently.
    The story itself is only part of what makes a good campaign. Other factors include great gameplay, originality and decently lengthed.
    If yopu have an idea, go for it. I'll give a look into your campaign when you upload it onto Hive.
    great campaigns!

    i think you would do very good as a storyline designer for official games, you make very developed stories.
    Ok thanks hers som ideas of the night elf campanig how about making a druid that can take the form of a Tiger or a Druid women, how a bout an Air Hunter i gave you my idea but you can use it or not
    I am working on my own campanig but i am at my 1 map for the campanig my campanig is call Uther coms back please:It is a bout Uther how is revaivd by a Pit Lord an he must finde a town.On chapter 2 Uther find out that Jaina has a kid with The Lich King. please say som thing a bout my idea and my campanig.
    hi a put a coment on your restructione of the scourge please can you see it and say you idea a bout my story please i need your idea and you can youset
    I tried colouring some skins, but they turned out weird in a way. I might get into modelling and see what its like. It's just an opinion, because I'm not sure whether or not I should change the models.
    There is one opinion you can give...
    In my Night Elf Campaign, I am having Highbourne units. In your opinion, are you fine with the Highbourne units looking like High Elves, or do you think that they should look more like Night Elves?
    I haven't even started on my Night Elf Campaign yet! I have my Undead Campaign yet to finish, and then I will be updating my other two.
    I have only looked into making the custom units, spells, skins and techtrees. Not a lot can be said at the moment, but more will be said when I actually begin to work on it.
    Sry dude I am busy right now, but I bookmarked your campaign/map so maybe if I find some time I write full review :D
    The estimated time for the next update will be 2 months time. It could be earlier, but I will let you know when it will come out.
    ooooo too bad i love the undead campaing so you will update the undead campaing soon???
    Of course. If you noticed, I updated my Human Campaign almost a week ago. I am currently updating my Undead Campaign at the moment, but at this stage there is no telling when it will be finished. I will also be SEVERELY updating my Orc Campaign afterwards.
    hi turnro i like your campains(tried one elf misson on a site uploaded) i thought it was nices that ilidan has the blood elfes
    Many months ago my computer crashed, I salvaged everything that would help me write the document, I have since had other things going on, but would be glad to pass it off to you if you're feeling up to it. I can send you the doc over pastebin.
    I will be uploading an updated version of Resurrection of the Scourge shortly. Expect it within the next couple of weeks.
    Dont wanna bug you, but any idea as to when Resurrection of the Scourge? I'm dying to get back to controlling my 3 Dreadlords XD
    Seems to be the most interesting of yours, the quality of your campaign grow greatly whenever you make one after another.
    There are indeed four campaigns in my series, yes. You guessed it, it is the last campaign of my series. It is called 'Furion's Quest'.

    However, I am not working on it at the moment. I am currently working on my other campaigns. Once I am near to completing Resurrection of the Scourge, I will begin working on my Night Elf Campaign.
    Are you working on a fourth campaign? If that's so, then it can be Night Elf =), because you made for Human (Blood Elf, Dwarf, ...),Undead, Orc.
    Don't worry. A update of Resurection of the Scourge will be available soon. Chapters 3 and 4 will be easier.
    oh that's ok I played WoS campaign and I got a crash at loading a game at some chapter too... I guess its from me >.>
    Hello, while I was playing your campaign I got several crashes when I tried to load a saved game at chapter 9. I'm asking if the problem its from me or from your campaign? (I talk about Jeopardy for the Horde) Awesome campaign btw but this crash its very annoying.
    My Human Campaign (which is actually the first of my series) will be available shortly. I will also be making one (and hopefully) final update for Jeopardy for the Horde, and have a new update for Resurrection of the Scourge.
    Hey Turnro, i recently finished you're 2 campaigns Jeopardy of the horde and Ressurection of the scourge and i would like to ask, When is the 3rd part gonna come out?
    Mate I was playing your campaign "Jeopardy for the Horde" and it's really, really good. I like your idea, and I think you should keep making such good campaigns, and of course you'll get better and better if you keep training ... ^^ :)
    well, i can only make models, i'm not good at texturing :(

    though, i can suggest you use "mirror image", since it is the same idea as evasion with an orc
    give me a private message if you ever need help with your campaign, i'll be glad to make models for it too!
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