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Nov 25, 2020 at 6:58 AM
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Nov 25, 2020 at 6:58 AM
    1. HeheSylvanas
      I did what you said but now only the Prolouge and Chapter One is avaible and all custom icons are filled with green colour... Everything got worse.. I renamed the file to "mqest.w3n" as you said I should.
    2. HeheSylvanas
      How do you rename the campaign file? And what is the name/path for it?
    3. HeheSylvanas
      Hi Turnro, I LOVE your campaign Malfurion's Quest but there is a bug for me. When I try to go out of any submap the campaign crashes and end up in the Warcraft Menu. Please help. (PS) Sentinel Campaign... Please find out what's the problem. Is it only me or is it the Campaign itself?
    4. kakuzu
      Happy New Year Turnro ! What are your plans for the new year ?
    5. Warseeker
      Happy New Year, Turnro!
    6. MrStormyZ
      hey bro the campaign is only till chapter 5 ?

      did some research seems so... lol I thought it was a complete one
      anyways eagerly waiting for the next chapter!

      this actually gives me time to play the Highbourne
    7. MrStormyZ
      thanks mate!

      I'm playing Malfurion's Quest right now
      I've played your first and second campaign but a long time ago probably don't even remember the storyline

      planning to do a video review on it once I finish both storylines of malfurion's Quest
    8. MrStormyZ

      are all of your campaign storylines connected to one another ?
      if yes in what order please tell me
    9. KeepitMovinBaby
      Really? Thanks, I shall play it now.
    10. KeepitMovinBaby
      How's your project,Malfurion's Quest,my friend? Is anything going well?
    11. kakuzu
      Merry Christmas Turnro *^*
    12. KeepitMovinBaby
      Hi,Turnro! Merry Christmas!
    13. Warseeker

      Like you've mentioned in the map development (Malfurion's Quest) --Disable cheats--
      There is also a better way to prevent cheats, you could just visible those new chapters (Campaign Editor) so that the player will no longer gonna have to restart the begining, Ex : Visible Chapter 5, etc, but i'm not sure if the Save-Game would works on this, if it's Delete by the user, but that will be a best solution instead of using cheats to progress.
    14. GatTheFaggot
    15. Edge45
      Hey Turnro, there's one thing that I've find most interesting in your campaigns, and those are AI's, so I have these questions, and a favor, Did you make all those AIs? or did you request them from somebody?
      And this favor, will you teach me on making AI's, or if you don't have the time, will you send me one of your AI's, preferbly those from AoRtW, so I can study them and how they function.
      I'll await your response...
    16. Lord Marcus XVI
      Lord Marcus XVI
      u make good campaigns mon.. cheers!
      Malfurion's Quest is hard, im stuck at the dungeon stuff like place with lots of switches,,
      cant even use "allyourbasearebelongtous" cheat.
    17. MC_HeartAttack
      How many campaigns have you made and which are the best for you?
    18. Nicolas Warchief
      Nicolas Warchief
      Thanks now I'll look to put on the map. And their missions are incredible .
    19. Warseeker
      Hey turno! How are you? I want let you know let I loved so much all your campaigns that you made! Wonderful epic campaigns maker! I can say that 70% of the story of your campaigns is better then Blizzard story of warcraft 3 ( I can't say 100% cause all the credit goes to blizzard... huuuh, I hope blizzard doesn't read this forum)...
    20. Nicolas Warchief
      Nicolas Warchief
      Turnro you can tell me where you could find the Doodad wall you put in Ressurection of the Scourge where you found or if it was you who created this Doodad that was exact in the wall of Dalaran
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