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    The Headhunterz v 27 beta

    sry for the double post. i just wanted to inform you about the current progress on my map (it says it in the last paragraph (under future releases). regards
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    The Headhunterz v 27 beta

    woah, strange. thanks for the hint, i am going to fix it now. edit: ok- it should be fixed now. i also made it open source, because i am a) to lazy to protect it anymore b) i fear that some triggers might not work. so long.
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    The Headhunterz v 27 beta (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    The Headhunterz v 27 beta (Map)

    This is my first beta to be released for the public. However, this map is still in an early stage and has a long way to go. What is it? The Headhunterz is a point-oriented AOS for two or three treams (three is default, but you can alter the team setup ingame). The goal is to be the first...
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    Diablo III Warcraft Beta v1.19b

    i downloaded it today and played it with 3 friends. we were all impressed by the great atmosphere and the awesome terrain. though, you could make the ways wider and increase the line of sight. i could help you with some spells or heroes if you like. i am not that experienced with it, but i like...