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Nov 24, 2020
Feb 1, 2008


User, from Serbia

i have used existing warcraft textures Nov 24, 2018

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Nov 24, 2020
    1. kitchai1
      Hi Tranquil could u please make fortress Siege 1.74 unprotect version for me?
    2. 007alex
      Hi tranquil im your fan!!!In your map defence of the uthragon you have the crossbowman model can you give it to me please
    3. Lord Vanaduke
      Lord Vanaduke
      Hello :)

      I just joined Hive, after browsing stuff for a while, and I would like to request something. You see, I'm making a Hero Defense map and a AoS DotA-like map, and your human pikeman model is really well-suited for something i wanted.

      See, I would like to request you to edit the pikeman model so he looks like this, (basically, add a cloak similar to medivh's or Maiev's):


      Make him look like the guys in white cloaks. You can still retain the pike, tho: the sword is optional, and if you want to give him a sword, make it sheathed on his waist. The yellow thing on the cloak's right breast area is a sunburst, just so you can be sure.

      If you could make him clean-shaven too, please do so. :3
      Thanks if you read this and +rep if you'll help me.

      email: dasasiankid@gmail.com
    4. Admiral Jack
      Admiral Jack
      Greetings Tranquil,
      I have observe your Models and its very good... really very good.. I decided to recruite you as our Modeler.... You are going to edit, animate, and bug fix Models for the project.... If possible we ask your little-little-little time for the project..... Though I do not expect that 100% of the time you would be working for this project... We will give you time to make it....
      Our goal is to make 100% Epic maps for people to enjoy anytime they want. If you are asking, "What would I do?" You would just simply provide us Models that needs to be edited, animated, and BUG fix in our projects to be used in the Project.
      If you have any more questions, please fell free to Private Message / Visitor Message me. You would not regret in joining this project.I tell you my friend... :-) With your help it would be 100% Epic , 100% fun....

      For the Glory of the Hivest!!! :p

      Admiral Jack
    5. Tranquil
      Scroll down and read my post.
    6. Klayton
      Hi can I have permission to edit your ceiling rays model?
    7. raco12
      you can make a human archer for me please
    8. Windu
      Hi dude. Got to say - nice uthragon map !! Kind of imposible to be defeated - but nice :)
      Got a few questions for you:
      1. Where did u get the Battering Ram model? It suits ur siege tower model very nice. I'd be glad if u can link it or upload it for me, please ? :)
      2. What's the idea of the ladder and siege towers? Are they walkable destructables or how do they allow units to go up them ? Mind sharing that info ? :)

      Ty in advance and rep for great things u made.
    9. Gekigengar
      hello, i am using your carpet model, but the edges aren't that good o.o, it looks choppy, any way to fix this?
    10. Tristan_kyle_2000
      Do you know a website that teach you how to attach a weapon to a model using model editor
    11. leviathan221
      Do you know about the download cap?
    12. Tristan_kyle_2000
      hey anwer my pm dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    13. Gausslander
      Hey I don't mean to bug you, but I heard you made a Dwarf Crossbowman for your castle defense map. I'm competing in the Tech-Tree Contest #5, and I'm doing Dwarfs and would love to use a Dwarf Crossbowman in my map. I already have all of the soudnsets and abilities done, I just need a decent crossbowman model that resembles a dwarf.
    14. HOooDy
      CAn i have some request .. i want to know were did you get the dragon on the Fortress Seige !! Thnx For THe HElp !
    15. Kam
      Any luck on the Shipyard portrait?
    16. Kam
      Great, let me know when it's ready. Thank you.
    17. Tranquil
      Sure, that is not a problem.
    18. Kam
      Could you add the human birth animation to the Human Shipyard?
    19. Holy Crusader
      Holy Crusader
      Hi Tranquil :) Can i get your permission to edit your "King" model :D?
    20. Jake Command Wolf
      Jake Command Wolf
      Hey Tranquil, do you have plans to release any open source versions of Defense of Uthragon? I don't want to steal it or anything I just want to look at the triggers and see how they work and what not. (I suck badly at triggering, FYI. :grin:)
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