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Nov 24, 2020
Feb 1, 2008


User, from Serbia

i have used existing warcraft textures Nov 24, 2018

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Nov 24, 2020
    1. Misha
      heyo, about your dwarf bear riders.. i checked the polar one and the anims of it look cool, the only thing that does not feel that good is the walk animations of a horse.. they just don't fit at all as bear is built to walk on all 4 paws and not on fingers like a horse.. also they are much like a seesaw when they really run, due to bulk

      you think you can change that somehow?
    2. Jake Command Wolf
      Jake Command Wolf
      Hey Tranquil I'm just gonna come out and ask do you take requests? Yay or Neigh I'd greatly appreciate a response, I notice such requests usually just get ignored altogether... :hohum:
    3. Reaper51
      Can you update your dwarven battlepriest model with the original hammer version but with merged geosets?
    4. -Kobas-
      Hello sir, I come here because of something only can do to help me. You see your angel model is fucking perfect for thing I need, do, whatever. But your latest version if it lost that shiny thing above head :v

      Can I request few same like models from you related to both male/female angels, just change weapons and maybe change color of armor of 1 angel to gold to make it more badass, boss like angel in shit I need. It should not be hard...

      Small suggestion, all versions of angels (and those I hope you will create for me) could be uploaded as attachment below main resource ;)
    5. Codric
      Happy New Year Tanquil!
    6. doomhammer99
      Can you send me the Dragon model.
    7. Maximillian96
      Anywhere i could get this model?
    8. Tranquil
      The Dragon model is from the WOW therefore is forbidden to post it on the hive.
    9. Maximillian96
      Tranquil, could you please post the dragon model on the hive. I would love to use it. Thanks.
    10. Codric
      Dude how your epic with modeling dont know but keep it up.
    11. Tranquil
      It was made by expresso as Tyrael model and i was given an permission to change model texture shape and animation, but i noticed that after some time the model is deleted. I will upload it again so you can download it.
    12. Tristan_kyle_2000
      hello i would like to know where you get the model of your secret hero
    13. takakenji
    14. Kingz
    15. Reaper51
      More Dwarves! :DDD

      Me thinks they will be used in a BFME map soon...
    16. Nebiros
      Hello tranquil ,
      I would like to use the dragon model youve used in the fortress siege in my map, could u please send it to me?credits will be given of course
    17. Allain55X
      Add me as your friend please! Your so cool man! All of the your mods are cool! ALready send you a friensdhip request!
    18. Bloo
      Hey Tranquil !!!
      I love your map !!!
      Can you send me the warrior model please ???
      Thanks a lot :thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up:

    19. Dr. Brewery Ale
      Dr. Brewery Ale
      Hi Tranquil, :cgrin: .
    20. Drunken_Jackal
      Hey Tranquil,
      I was just wondering if you could send me the dragon model you used in the Fortress Siege. Overcold Ice and I would love to use that model in our map.

      Of course, credits will be given, and a special code for an item and a hero all about you on the map!
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