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Jun 9, 2018
Mar 7, 2005
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Mapper of Passion :), from Germany

Tr!KzZ was last seen:
Jun 9, 2018
    1. Oziris
      The simple bone is just a drop item for some quest. It must be low poly but try making it look like high poly! ;)
    2. Oziris
      Bone sword
      Bone shield
      Bone Axe
      Bone Staff
      Bone Bow
      Bone 2H sword
      Bone 2h Axe
      A simple bone.
      The blade of all those weapons should be from steel, the other parts are from bones. Put your creativity and free style it with the given idea. Don't think this is much, the armor also needs to be finished but i need to introduce you to our hero model and then you can make body armor or if you prefer you can make only weapons. I wish you luck and i hope to see some progress! Our other modelers are working hard but we need more help. If you complete all of these your in the team. :)
    3. Oziris
      Hmmm. Okay. I guess it can work out. I need to make a list of models droped by creeps and i'll send it to you!
    4. Oziris
      Hmm. We are looking for a full time modeler. We can accept you in the team when you finish moving homes. Now we just cant afford giving you the task because very soon we are going to release the demo and we need the models and daily progress report. I hope you understand. :) Here is the proper link to our thread. Soon we are having our own website. http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/map-development-202/orpg-shadows-everwood-176006/
    5. Oziris
      Hello Tr!KzZ, we've been looking at your models and we are very interested and would like to know if you would mind helping us in making models. Our map is called Shadows of Everwood. We currently have 2 high skilled coders, 3 designers, 1 terrainer, 3 modelers and 1 skinner. We are planing on releasing the demo in few weeks and we would like to speed up the modeling to be able to put the Visible attachments on the hero. Here's a link http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/m...erwood-176006/

      Everwood team.
    6. Misha
    7. Misha
      there's quite a bit more than that... SC allows some things War3 would melt at, lol
    8. Misha
      well.. SC II kinda is the new thing.. so.. :P
    9. Misha
      as usual.. roaming this site or chatting
    10. Misha
    11. M0rbid
      Mh, I can't remember that I ever talked to you, however. Nice to meet you, new friend!
    12. M0rbid
      Mh, just wondering, do I know you?
    13. HappyCockroach
    14. supertoinkz
    15. supertoinkz
      Can I use your Dragon Tail model for a private model? :)
    16. meercat
      Of course! Please take ur time... Really thnk u, I owe u 1.. ^^
    17. meercat
      man, have a request if u don't mind..

      can you make a rasenshuriken out of the avatar of vengance missile? (if possible, make it look unsolid)..

      thx!! ^^
    18. Tr!KzZ
      It's ok, thanks anyway, think I can do it myself, else I'll ask some people here :)
    19. Mr. Bob
      Mr. Bob
      You should find someone else to do it. I can't do crap with textures. There are a lot of willing people here. Simply go to chat. Sorry. D:
    20. Gaegamel
      Indeed. But it was time to go on hive ^^ And to spread my skills
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    Home Page:
    Current Project:
    "Tropical Tactics TD" and "Dur'Tal ORPG"
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Blood Elf
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Blood Knights
    All what makes fun :p


    Project in work: Durwin's Tale ORPG [Dur'Tal ORPG]
    Visit my Site for updates or new Maps! Click me =)
    aKa SlyRipper
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