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Feb 6, 2020
Sep 19, 2011

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Aug 16, 1987 (Age: 33)
graphic designer, love therapist extraodinare


Hello : ), 33, from Romania

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Feb 6, 2020
    1. Luorax
      Oh, forgot to mention, sorry. Yep, I mean something like them (as you can see from the picture I sent, it's more HoN-like what I imagined; but it's up to you, I really need your imagination)

      Oh, and don't forget to rebuild the bottom right corner as well; I think I mentioned it, but I'm not quite sure, you know.
    2. Luorax
      Okay, had to cut my message in half (>1000 chars, you know)

      So here's the second part:
      1, the map is supposed to be mirrored. If you change something on the bottom left corner, do it on the top right as well.
      2, don't mess with the jungle paths (don't delete trees or add too many of them). They're fine, jungle creeps have been added as well (via script).

      Well, have fun working on it, and thanks for your time in advance!
    3. Luorax
      Okay, I've just got home, sorry for not answering earlier.

      Unfortunately you were not registered here yet when the terrainer was choosen. I know that you're a great terrainer, wish you were working on it from the start :( But well, I'm almost perfectly fine with the current one and I don't wan my old terrainer's work to be wasted, think you can understand it.

      It's supposed to be flat. Calculating missile distances (skillshot abilities) is easier on it and trees won't block the line of sight. It's fine as flat.

      You can import things of course, as long as they're small. As you can see the map is huge already (and since we have over 100.000 lines of vJASS code, even the script has a huge filesize). You can also remake the waterfall, of course and do minor changes. But keep in mind two things when doing them:
    4. Pharaoh_
      I am very sorry to hear that. Where do you come from?
    5. Fingolfin
      Ah, that's too bad, i hope you guys will be ok!
      Anyhow, i do have some halo reach tree replicas that i made that could be very useful in most autumn-themed terrains.. I'm ofcourse gonna upload them to the database soon enough, but i can paste them for you in their present state if you want. Also, i have some cool tiles of my own that could be useful.
    6. Luorax
      Great! I'm excited since these are the final touches of the terrain.
    7. Luorax
      Okay, here's the scriptless version of my map; Let me know if you D/L'd it so I can delete it.


      You have to finish the Fel Forces and Last Alliance bases (mostly their spawning pools, but they might need some SFX, brush, etc so make them feel more "natural"). Here's a Last Alliance spawning pool idea:


      Not exactly like that, of course; watch some HoN gameplay videos on youtube and study their spawning pools; they should be similar.

      Unfortunately I don't have ideas for the Fel Forces spawning pool :( That's why actually I need your help. And also, the bottom right corner should be changed too.

      Please do not modify any object editor data. Also, this map is based on WC3 cliffs; it has its purposes and it's fine for an AoS map.

      Feel free to ask if something is unclear or you want to hear my thoughts on something.

      Well, thanks in advance mate! :)
    8. .mitsuki
      :wink: See this conversation.
    9. Sverkerman
      Exeuse me sir, what kind of setting/settings/editor are you using to create that terrain deformation? I've seen it quite a lot but when I attempt to make it raise that much that fast all I get is a hill.
    10. armix8
      If I may ask, why?
    11. Orcnet
      btw, do you have a wow model editor? can it be downloaded free or do you need to have a wow account/game for it? some models their are pretty neat :)
    12. dragonslarger
      The terrain contest will begin now the terrain must be in till 1/1/12
    13. dragonslarger
    14. Orcnet
      that's okay, just pass it to me when you have the time to pile them all up :P
    15. Orcnet
      so about those full pack resources I'm getting from you the last time eheheheh >:))
    16. .mitsuki
      hey.. .can you send the tiles to me? please?
    17. Orcnet
      I'm just wondering, how do you rip models? do they have to be converted or must be similar to mdx files or something?
    18. Luorax
      Okay, soon we'll be back to work (the winter break starts in a few weeks, but we're also almost done with our exams), would you mind taking that terraining request we talked about? I've heard that you're inactive, but I think it's like 10 minutes of work - but it's up to you, you know :)
    19. .mitsuki
      Hey... I'm gonna wait for you :wink: just PM me the tiles... thanks a lot!
    20. Pharaoh_
      Ok, when you come back, let me know :)
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    Aug 16, 1987 (Age: 33)
    graphic designer, love therapist extraodinare
    Current Project:
    Over the Hills and many other projects now dead
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Cult of the Damned
    Resume of myself:
    I`m Fat! (Not!)\ The Dead Artist

    My full story:
    A handsome, tall, european guy, gentle and strong at the same time, Interested in the arts (all of them :p), sado-maso and also perverted, will treat girls like artwork!

    art, girls, love, doing xxx... till you die, spread love\understanding to the world, communication


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