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  • I have read all instructions and I agree.
    And also it is easy to make units swim like naga.
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    (Post) hey, I'm interested in your EDEN project, I'm a modeller, I started doing models for your races, but since im muted in THW, youd need to add me to msn contacts: [email protected] -- please do it so I can show u my ideas and models WIP! =D ty
    Tell me you want a modeller to your 5 race rts project! ^^
    lol I'm just waiting for your answer to start modeling! ...[ or not :( ]
    Septimus has valid point.Anywhy I will try to do as much as I can for the map.
    I know that TD should be compare as TD, that is what I trying to imply.

    If you read my phrase writting in blue carefully., I already state that it won't be fair to rate a map low just because you don't like it as it is not fair.
    Well, that is what I been telling you.

    And there is also never have a proper definite for 100% accurate review based on fun.

    For example, some people like AOS style map while some like TD. If I give low mark just because I do not like AOS map, it won't be fair.
    Nah, I don't think it been done perfectly.

    He might have work hard, but some people work even harder for their map.

    Trying to develop a AI that are extremely hard and challenging is not a easy task even though you are good with GUI.

    Also, if he really work hard at his map. His map would not exist the rest of the minor bug as well such as malfunction hotkey or typo error in description.

    And there is also never have a proper definite for 100% accurate review based on fun.

    For example, some people like AOS style map while some like TD. If I give low mark just because I do not like AOS map, it won't be fair.

    Thus, score cannot be determind by fun all the time. The reviewing style of mine is using VGSatomi guide, but with more... focusing at my own style...
    Forgot to tell you, if we just give all map rating 4 and 5 because it follow the theme or whatever it is. It would make rating 4 and 5 partically useless, previously my review is very lenient and most of the map earn rating 4 or 5 while it usually only earn them a rating 3 till Ralle told me to be more strict about it.

    Here is a example of 2 map that deserve rating 5.

    Golden Chaos v1.3 - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site
    Ice Warriors (AI) v1.13 - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site

    If somebody really work hard at their map, it deserve rating 5 and for superb work it get rating 6. Look at all rating 6 map, they are all perfect in every aspect.

    Previously, MasterHaosis is a map mod and he is very lenient in map review and rating. Guess what happen ? 90% of the people against his review and rating for being too lenient and generous.
    Being a argumentive person is alright as long as it did not cross the line by flamming and trolling.

    However, you must understand. Sometimes we make the review as short as possible and a map would goes through a update after one another time, rendering the standard of the map to be much higher than what it expected.

    Even 1 of my map have gone through a lot of change to be a extremely good quality map, but firelord213 just remove the rating and doesn't improve the review after I request it.

    Saying that nobody would download a map just because of low rating from a mod is somehow not a valid point as they know that a map could be better after it gone through several update, making the old review almost no point at all after a period of time.

    If you said we waste our time by not doing our job well is not a valid point, we mod/admin get nothing out of what we did. Our job is just a volunteer work with no payment at all.

    Shall a map been approve by mod/admin after a test been conduct means the map is good enough to be playable, if not what's the used of mod/admin reviewing those map ?

    And based on how you judge a map, you judge a map usually based on the fun. But, some mod does not judge the fun of the map, terrain and etc etc.. but we judge on how good the quality of the map is based on the bug that we found..

    Let me ask you, if you play a map which is totally nice, fun and marvelous and all the sudden it crash due to bug. How does it feel ?

    As I said, when I left the field blank. There is either no valid term for it or unable to judge the field due to some reason. Let me ask you, does a cinematic map been judge at AI support criteria ?

    If you think a mod/admin review doesn't being fair, you can just post your review about the map and send mod the link of it. But, ensure that your review point out all those possible bug that exist as well and not just the fun of it.

    Review is not only for telling how good it is, but to point out the way of error as well.

    Let me tell you, being a mod is not a easy job as we often struggle with many unexpected problem.

    Previously, I was just like you without any mod power. Somehow think the mod did a bad job of it, till I became appoint as 1 of them only I know how hard the work could be.

    Believe me, you won't be please with the job till you step into the shoes.
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