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  • I have a better plan about the zerg. I will give TLENO Initiative access in Uldor, where Old God minions and even some zerg from Gyrotopia are held. Together Starseekers and TLENO Initiative will make a Transplanar Psionic Waveform Emitter(psi-emitter) and then put it in Portal Town. Zergs will invade it and Gyro wont have a choice but to let us deal with it.

    As for the grouse, we need a good strategy to save the grouse and arakkoa, destroy the fanatics and capture Takakenji
    Sounds nice! :D

    We really need a war that will strenghten Triumvirtae's control over the two only members who dont care about it and to destroy their technological threat.
    Well grouse and arakkoa are good members, unlike their night elven leader(I always said that was a bad race, didnt I?). They are good guardians, great minds and peaceful people, it was Takakenji who drove them evil and aggressive
    Seriously, we should begin a galactic war against tech in Azeroth and Triumvirate. We have to stop Gyro and takakenji from destroying the RP with their Starcraft lore and illogical evolution.
    Nooooooeeeeezzzz D: I missed out your bitrhday!!!!! I won't forgive myself for this!
    No idea... try to play with the files format! Change it to PNG if it is JPEG or the other way.
    Well I think I know most of them, but I need some good idea for those news! Any news idea?
    Well i got idea for a pic, but I have no idea what to do in it. It should be news about Triumvirate and Draenosh...
    Hive-five! :D

    Now, we really need to ifnd solution to our problem with Draenosh war... and I know the solution... in Pic Form! *Electric guitar solo*
    Shat... well I believe he can be chosen!

    Did you also notice that almost everyone is european and the most active players are Slavians?
    Perhaps... but unlike the other guys you called make sure that he will participate in DP, ok?
    Maybe Ice machine since demons are already on fire? Or Tlenium the most radioactive element in DP?
    Or something from warcraft? So that would be thanks and choppers? Oh and maybe a nice giant Mechanical contraption like Demon Shredder?
    Geography stuff...check Wiki better. I basically want to go from Westfall to Stormwind.
    I guess that land is mostly forests in generally, with Swamp on south, and mountain on west and north?
    Maybe not yet because Trolman will then travel light speed to stop you. As for cave ask maybe dwarven friends? Wilhammer clan isn't part of Ironforge after all.
    I'll first start war in Westfall. I want to ignore Trolman. I am sure that you of all people would like for DP to be concentrated at rest of players for change. About how will Stormwind separated among us will see later. But I don't know how to get Al stonetalon peak like he wanted.
    Listen good and listen well. It is damn time for people to return to Azeroth. If it takes to give you Stormwind and to Al Stonetalon peak fine by me. Just be ready to attack with me and Tyreal Stormwind wile Trolman is busy with Chr2.
    he obviously trade his old brain with new brain.

    The good news is, he got a new brain.

    The bad news is, the brain is empty.
    $50? 600 crones...well ok for a good game(though a little overprised for Estonia), but three expansions...

    I know, but Im sayin that WCIII became very popular because it had amazing modding possibilities... SCII wont become so popular and everlasting, because its simply extremely hard to mod.
    And Ill have the money to buy it... plus it will come out "really soon" in Estonia... Blizzard really failed at SCII. They made a too expensive game with two expansions that most computers wont be able to run, with one campiagn at each expansion, plus making models or skins for it will be almost impossible except if you are a professional.
    I thought you'd say this in a VM as well ^^ (hence the reason I still didn't reply to the other topic).
    I just don't like banning people.
    If there's any chance he stops now, everything is fine, if he doesn't: too bad for him.
    It's extremely similar to Polar Escape, but if he did copy polar escape (which was the map he stole btw), he would've added multiple types of ice I think.
    The map's quality is too low to get approved either way...

    If he does one more thing, please notify me, because he deserves a ban.
    Just as I thought it ended and there is no more beta button D:
    Guess Ill have to find it in the net.
    I got it and I even DL'd russian WCIII using it from Internet(completely officially).

    Where is that participate button?
    Ow and I had some ideas concerning square and renown :
    -you can organise charity meals that are not very effective on your troops but increase your renown.
    -you can organise torture performance that is not very effective too but decreases your renown ! (EDIT : it could also decrease the efficiency of possible ennemies in your towns xD.)

    +Once your renown = X or -X, you got the proposal from Cirdan or the Murazor :)
    But we needa find other ways to change the renown :p
    So Organise !! lol it s weird seeing the sorceress in the angles of the square doing their odd anim oO. BUT IT WORKS LIKE HELL !!! muhahahaha
    -Dance Festival (Level 2, 150 gold, +2 or +3 dunno yet xD armor) Done. +2 is more reasonable xD.
    Oh OK thanks. Yeah,maybe I'll join the group,however,if it requests good terraining abilities,maybe i'm gonna change my mind :].
    i'm allright, i've been having a lot of rl stuff, so that's why, for now i don't have internet at home (i had to move). how are U?
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