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Last Activity:
Apr 19, 2018
Nov 29, 2006


Very little active, from Norway

TKF was last seen:
Apr 19, 2018
    1. xorkatoss
      latest ver?
    2. Almia
      tell me about it
    3. Captivate
      Im gonna test out missile wars a tone right now, might as well since your gonna stop opting it soon.
    4. maddeem
      ppl explained the answer xD
    5. maddeem
      oh god you aren't using GUI are you? O.o
    6. maddeem
      Hmm then try using JPGN again?
    7. Ender
      what error message are you getting? in your example you are using udg_Integer, when you have a variable called Temp_Integer.
      change Custom script: set udg_Integer='h029'
      to this and it should work.
      Custom script: set udg_Temp_Integer='h029'
    8. Ender
      Sorry I didn't explain well, this is how you would do the initialization,
      Custom script: set udg_Integer = 'hfoo'
      -------- The problem with GUI is that the Hashtable can only take integer inputs, it doesn't realize that unittypes are integers --------
      -------- so you have to use an integer and set it = to the units rawcode, you can find this by hitting ctrl-d while looking in the object editor --------
      Hashtable - Save 0 as 0 of Integer in (Last created hashtable)
      more efficiently would be

      Custom script: call SaveInteger/Real(udg_MissileHash,'this',0,DAMAG/WHATEVER and then when you you are doing the impact you could doActions
      Custom script: set udg_Integer = GetUnitTypeId(GetTriggerUnit())// or you could use a variable like udg_CollidingMissile
      If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
      If - Conditions
      (0 is stored as a Real of Integer in (Last created hashtable)) Equal to True
      Then - Actions
      -------- you now know that the unit is a missile --------
      -------- then you could access the damage by doing----
      Set Damage_to_Do = (Load 0 of Integer from MissileHash)
      Else - Actions if I you need any more help or clarification don't hesitate to ask, I am a fan of all of your maps.
    9. Ender
      you could do it using custom textcall SaveInteger(Missile_hash,'this',0) replace 'this' with the units rawcode, you could also use a UnitType variable here if you wanted.

      Be aware the GUI uses BJ's which reverse the order , Ie when loading what you saved using the regular GUI function use 0 of 'this'
    10. maddeem
      I am honestly just looking for a way to be done with warcraft :3
    11. Captivate
      Haha, thanks, yeah a USB is so convenient :D And thats nice of you to help out Maddeem :) Im glad to hear you recovered CC. I think almost had a heart attack xD Cant wait to play it with the awesome vJASS implementation :D
    12. Ralle
    13. Anvil
      Let me remake the entire model for you.
    14. Gekigengar
      Nasty effects - But I haven't seen this map before. Is it a new kind of space map?

      My maps only have moderate amount of effects and thus not look like a fireworks map.
      Thats the old screenshot with the old laser bending formula, it looks chunky,

      the new one is this one


      Neither does my map has a lot of special effects,

      just a lot of triggers.

      Light bending and Slow Time Space and Gravity Wells and Blackholes, etc.

      You can found the map thread here


      Its an abandoned project, the outcome and the gameplay didn't really feel "Tactical" as i wanted it to be,

      Its an army building space battleship game,

      There is a Micro and Macro mode. where you control a whole group of fleet on the whole map, or a single chosen general.

      you can change controls by pressing escape.

      But the battle just got fast paced, and all Action. instead of "Tactical" like i wanted it to be.

      so i trashed it away,

      anyways, your Solar Conquest map is the inspiration of me making this map! :D
    15. Anvil
      the Kturret trap firing gun mismatch with about 15 degrees to left whatsoever firing angle (turret bone). Not sure if its possible to make it center of the model itself and/or maybe correct the angle mismatch only
      I don't understand this, what is the problem? want the gun centered in the model? A screenshot would be nice.

      Also i want alternate animations swapped
      This is easy to do.
    16. TKF
      Maybe I was unlclear. I'm very aware of that. I could have started it 6 months before Siretu even thought about it making it, but I wasn't motivated to learn using SC2 editor, since it was not as easy as I thought it would be then I droppped it. Also the other reason that Callex first decided to do so in SC2, I wouldn't interfere with his project, but I think he also dropped it, but I don't know the reason since I no longer have contact with him. Btw almost every maps in SC2 is pastpaced and so are the inpatient sc2 players.
    17. Deolrin
      No, you don't get it. There IS an SC2 version. The problem is that it's terrible. Too fast paced, no calm, relaxing music, and the game is over in like 10 minutes. It's not as fun as the WC3 version.
    18. Pyramidhe@d
      i dont think they are mine.
    19. Pyramidhe@d
      do you have a screenshot? cos i do remember making an asteroid model ages ago for request.
    20. spyker
      When it comes to you can't input Chinese...That's really strange...Could you paste Chinese into the map?I can input Chinese into my editor.But the Chinese isn't important...So many of people never play the map which looks like in English...They won't change their mind although you told them it can be changed into Chinese...
      Footman is 步兵 in chinese.步兵 means infantry.But sometimes we call this 脚男.That's the most staight way to translate.脚 means our feet.男 means male...By the way,could you understand my words?You know,I'm just a Senior High School student,and my vocabulary is so small.I often use words in a wrong way.Sorry for that.If you have problem in translating English into Chinese,It's my pleasure to help you.
      (I did't discover your call yesterday,Because the English website makes me so nervous...And,you know,your 05:00pm is 1:00am for me,so I'm really tired...)
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    Kirin Tor
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