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Last Activity:
Apr 30, 2019
Jul 26, 2008


>: |

Titanhex was last seen:
Apr 30, 2019
    1. dsalmon
      I played your vuens dND TE. I try and give my units a custom class with custom gear sheet. I type cgear2Wands, Staffs, Cloth Armors, Books They can't equip any of it, help?
    2. Dragonson
      Sounds good. ^^
    3. Dragonson
      Holy Carp, you're still in business? :O

      How's the map coming along?
    4. Levdragon
      Yeah I'm making a project based on my own lore in fact using D&D components, originally I was continuing Steel's but it got corrupted and I hadn't made a backup (stupidly). Also I much prefer roll fighting at the moment, which is why I'm going to create a non-combat RP map, mainly for my clan at the moment, but hopefully other's will enjoy it once I finish testing. All help is appreciated, so I would very much like so thanks :)
    5. Admiral Jack
      Admiral Jack
      Brother can you be my terrainer in my project?
    6. PROcuratorDotA
      Don't u know he makes aesome spells ? :D
    7. Mallaboro
      Oh god, King of the hill with havens.
      Time to gather the troops, we've got some gaming to do.
    8. Mallaboro
      I'd love to. I've a group of friends who I play 11th Vampire with from time to time, so I'm sure they'll jump at the opportunity to test/try/find every secret/open it up entirely in JASS (to find cheat commands) and indulge themselves in a decent map. :)
    9. Dragonson
      Oh ehm, Titan?
      Did you send the forms or havent you done so yet?
      I havent recieved anything, so i'm curious.
    10. Chewii
      >:| <--- love that one
    11. Skycraft
      Edit: I'll do it tomorrow. It's like 1am here. I really am sorry!
    12. Asip
      Titanhex that bug has to be fixed ill help you find the source of it just we need it fixed!!!
    13. Asip
      wait why not just send me the one with XE bug alrdy fixed?
    14. Asip
      Titanhex but when u get it fixed id like to make my own dnd.so i need the unprot vers but also How do i make it to a point where stuff is selectable????or is that trigger done for me???
    15. takakenji
      hey you have 2 dnds, which one is the newer one o.o
    16. GhostThruster
      Yeah, thanks man.
    17. Lopaki
    18. Apheraz Lucent
      Apheraz Lucent
      >: |

      (I see that it's kinda a tradition to post this to your visitor pages :D)
    19. GhostThruster
      Dude, remember the Barbarian model I gave you? Well, I need it back(computer got wiped). Can you please load it in the pastebin and send me the link in a PM?
    20. ikillforeyou
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