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    Hero's Experience

    Hey guys, I am currently creating a small RPG where the only way to gain experience if only from completing missions. However I've hit a brick wall... for some reason Hero's at level 10 can't gain experience from the triggered event. Yes i have already changed the Max level and the EXP required...
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    Enthashara´s Tales ORPG 1.3.4 fix

    BRUH. Take off friendly fire off mage spells?? COOL MAP BTW :D
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    Floating Text - Damage&Spells v2

    soo is healing going to be added lol, still a great system!
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    Ideas for a battleground / PVP content / minigames

    I feel PvP (battleground wise) will feel pointless without some sort of reward. What if you make the enemies AI?... However... that will become PvE again. I feel there needs to be a benefit from it or it will eventually just become pointless memory space in the map. Hopefully I'm wrong.
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    Sunken City v2.4.8e

    I wish this was a -save/load rpg because you update this so much xD. I have the upmost respect for you taking good care of this epic map!
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    [Suggestion] For the next release, code wipe because of the fundamental changes made

    A code wipe is so silly.... if its new gameplay you seek, or the feeling of levelling all over again in beginner areas... create a new character? Wipe your own code! Some people rush games and that's their fault, I am not one of those players, but I am certainly not a player who likes to think...
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    [Role Playing Game] Pirate's Age Orpg

    Fun and Interesting concept ^^ I watch one piece, hoping you finish this project!
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    Infected Zombies v2.3

    BUG - Can't craft Jute Raw Jute sells for 0 gold (tooltip says 2)
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    Enthashara´s Tales ORPG 1.3.4 fix

    Private message me, we can play sometime - im Donhymez on battlenet (west/europe) and for the final oracle boss you have to go inside the portal to defeat him... cant give you the exact location because im still learning the map lol, but its around sandy grounds...
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    Enthashara´s Tales ORPG 1.3.4 fix

    when a merc finds you, just pull them into a guard or a nearby boss, they will do the job for you until you get stronger loool, you wont get pvp coupons this way though.
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    Enthashara´s Tales ORPG 1.3.4 fix

    lol only reason i can kill mercs is because of my slave tbh, i think they have too many pots
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    Enthashara´s Tales ORPG 1.3.4 fix

    CANT FIND THE LAST GATE GUARDIAN D: HELP PLZZZZZ and where do i get the 3rd peice of spider brooth set? ^^
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    Enthashara´s Tales ORPG 1.3.4 fix

    bugged... Bearhead are not dropping, restarted war3 and now I cant even get the quest lool.. played on anyways, the map is really nice ^^ wish I could use my skills earlier though?! level 28 armed mage and still got the same skills.
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    Infected Zombies v2.3

    hey, still playing this lovely map lol but end game stuf are a bit bias for warrior types! add a bow drop, and it will be pretty sweet if drops were random ^^. anyways, smelting mithril ore doesnt work D: thanks for the update
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    Infected Zombies v2.3

    dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... i played earlier vrsion of this, it was way better. Playing with my bro, randomly we get some mad angry zombies attacking us, we run into the city and they ignore the guards and aim us, like they have some sort of intelligence. There is also some op ritulist outside the...